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Bones Super Swiss 6 Ball (8 pack)

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Are you looking for the best Swiss bearings for inline skates? You have found them. The brand Bones is like the Holy Grail in bearings. The brand only has high quality bearings. The Bones bearings models are, ordered from high to highest quality: Bones Reds, Bones Super Reds, Bones Swiss and Bones Swiss Ceramics. All these models are a quality label on itself and that\'s why an ABEC indication is not applicable. (ABEC is an industrial standard to indicate the rate of roundness of the little balls in a bearing, but other things are important too for the overall quality of a bearing.)
Bones Super Swiss are made in Schwitzerland. In the bearings world, that is not a trivial fact. It has the same connotations as Swiss in Swiss watch or Swiss pocket knife.
This Bones Super Swiss 6 design features six larger diameter balls instead of the seven balls used in most 608 bearings. The advantage of this design is higher speed, greater strength and durability.

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freeride freestyle speed