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“Which frames fit my style of skating best?”; the question that everyone will ask themselves. There are so many different frames on the market, but what are the differences and which frame fits best with your preferred and unique style of skating?

In this blog we will talk about frames for aggressive inline skates; Ground Control, Seba, and the Antony Pottier FLAT frame. In the next blog we will talk about the brands such as Create Originals, 50/50, Valo, Kizer, Kaltik, Youth, Oysi and Bake Frames. We wish you much fun with reading and choosing your perfect frame!

When you choose a frame… you first have to know what you want to do with it. Do you want to do tricks (in a skatepark/in the streets) or do you prefer recreational skating? (long distance or just for fun) or do you want to do both? It is all possible with aggressive inline skates!
Next to that, you also have to ask yourself if you want to make your setup anti-rocker (with small wheels in the middle = that don’t roll) or flat (with 4 wheels on the ground = to go faster), or with super big wheels for long distance and speed skating (e.g. Tri Skate/ with three wheels).

We are going to sum up the different possibilities for you (from the brands Ground Control, Seba and FLAT frames):

  • Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames: these frames thank their name to the fact they are 'as light as a feather'. It makes the skates go super fast. The FTL-3 model has the metal axle spacers from the first model and the lightweight and strenght from the second model. You can tighten the bolts as fast as you want, the wheels will still spin like crazy! This makes that the frame is super good quality. Most skaters skate this frame anti-rocker (with small wheels in the middle). The GC FTL-2 model is also still available, but this model has no metal axle spacers.

    The featherlites come in 3 different sizes:
  • Size 1/S (recommended boot size: 6-7) = 24,8cm
  • Size 2/M (recommended boot size: 8-11) = 25,8cm
  • Size 3/L (recommended boot size: 12-14) = 27,0cm
    Ground Control Featherlite 3
  • Ground control BIG frames: are made to melt street and recreational skating together. The well known GC Featherlites frames are the little brother of the GC BIG frames. These frames are higher and wider and are very interesting if you want to skate flat (max. 72mm). Because of the bigger wheels you have to do less work to make speed. The frame is one size and fits all aggressive skates. The H-block makes sure that there will be no wheel-bite.
    Ground Control BIG Frame.jpg
  • Ground Control MEGA frames: a variation on the Ground Control BIG frames are the MEGA frames. With these frames you can go up to 64mm wheels. The H-block makes sure you have no wheelbites. Exactly, what’s in a name: the BIG frames are used for bigger wheels then the MEGA frame. But you can still go Mega!

Ground Control MEGA Frame.jpg

  • Ground Control 6000 Series: these freestyle frames are the latest new innovation from Ground Control. It fits the needs for skaters that love speed, big jumps and agility. The wheels can go up to 80mm. The frame is made out of airplane grade 6061 T6 aluminium. The frame is lightweight (90gram) and super strong.

Ground Control 6000 Series Frame

  • Ground Control TRI-SKATE frame 110: this is a frame for skaters that use their aggressive skates also for long distance skating or for recreational skating. Because the frame is made out of super stiff 6061 T6 Aluminium, they give a better powertransfer and a direct feeling. Suitable for 110 mm wheels.

Ground Control Tri-Skate 110 frame


  • Ground Control TRI-SKATE frame 125: If you want to use bigger wheels than 110mm... then the TRI-SKATE 125mm is something for you! Perfect for long distance or recreational skating. These are also made out of 6061 T6 Aluminium.

Ground Control Tri-Skate 125 frame

  • FLAT FRAMES Antony Pottier: The FLAT aggressive frame is designed by and for Antony Pottier and was inspired by the Wizard frame. In the middle of the frame you can find a plastic H-block (grind groove), which is replacable. This is the perfect frame for grinding and sliding, and can be used for freeride, freestyle and aggressive inline skating. The frame is made out of the best quality aluminium (also the same aluminium which they use for airplanes). The outer wheels are 80mm and the inner wheels are 72mm (like hockey skates). These frames are for the flat setup lovers: the holes for the 72mm wheels are lower then those for the 80mm wheels. Because of this te 4 wheels touch the ground.

    Thanks to the 72mm wheels in the middle, there is place for a H-block. The frame is designed that the skate leans a little to the front, like most of the freeride skates. This makes it more fun to ride! It could bet hat if you have bigger soulplates, you have to cut a little bit in the front of the soulplate, so you don’t get a wheelbite from the 88mm wheels.

FLAT Frame Antony Pottier


  • Seba Street Frame: The Seba street frame is a little more heavier then a Ground Control frame, it is also a little bit bigger. Maximum wheels that fit in the Seba frames are 60mm. You can ride it anti-rocker or flat.

Seba Street Frame


  • Seba Deluxe UFS Frame 243mm: This frame is made out of extruded aluminium and is one of the best freestyle skate frames. It’s light and stiff and makes all movements more precise. Maximum wheelsize on this frame is 80mm.

Seba Deluxe UFS Frame 243mm


  • Seba Deluxe UFS Frame 255mm: This is the big brother of the UFS 243 mm frame. The maximum wheelside on this frame is 84mm.



Hopefully this makes your frame choices a little bit more easy!

You can get more tips at Sliding Tiger. All these frames are available at our store.
In a next blog we will talk about the brands Create Originals, 50/50, Valo, Kizer, Kaltik, Youth, Oysi and Bake Frames!