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Wheel and bearings set

Borging voor schroeven

Prome lock formula Blue for eliminates the need for mocks washers and lock nuts . One drop locks and seal threaded connections.

Threadlock Blue is a medium strength thread-locking material that cures, locks and seals between threaded connections. Resists leakage, shock and vibration. Prevents corrosion and loosening of nuts and bolts. Use on all types of nuts, bolts and threaded connections on vehicles, power tools, bicycles, grills and more.


Price:14,95 €
Type 245 Blue
Matter Image One20Five F1

The Matter Image One20Five wheel is a 125 mm wheel for tri-skates (rollerblades with three wheels inline).

Matter is the Mercedes of the wheels. All the Image wheels are E- or S-class equivalents, to continue the metaphor. The Matter Image wheel could be compared with the E-class of the famous car company. The Image wheel is very good for speed skates and every fitness skate will be enhanced with at least one quality level by using this Matter Image wheel.

The One20Five wheel is packed per 6 wheels, because it is intended to use on tri-skates.

Matter Image One20Five F1 (125mm)
Price:119,00 €
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