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Reign Perseus Hockey Skate with Waxed Laces

The Reign Perseus hockey inline skate is a splendid hockey skate with three wheels. Three wheels is the future in rollerhockey. You do not want to live in the past!

The Perseus skate uses a fiberglass composite shell which is designed to offer protection against the toughest hits and shots. The skate fits to wide feet too. Its Recall Fit design, which is using memory foam, offers custom comfort from day one. The one piece reinforced tongue gives support and control while offering the comfort needed.

The Perseus features an Aluminium 3D casted frame, that can be moved forward, backwards and side to side relative to the boot, so you can optimize your skating position.

A 4 wheel set up is possible too (at least if you are living in the past).

EXCLUSIVELY in Sliding Tiger's shop and Sliding Tiger's webshop: you get an additional pair of waxed laces for free.