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Reign Triton Hockey Skate with Waxed Laces

Reign's hockey skates are all three wheels skates (tri-skates). Thanks to the three wheels (three high-quality indoor Prime wheels of 100 mm) the hockey skate is more versatile and faster then its four wheels counterparts. The Reign hockey Triton tri-skates have been homologated by all rollerhockey leagues around the world.

The Triton rollerhockey skate is a comfortable skate in which wide feet will fit well too.

Thanks to the Recall Fit design, that is using memory foam, you will have comfort from day one. The skates do not need to be baked.

Triton's one piece reinforced tongue gives support and control while offering the comfort needed.

By default the Triton is sold with Prime Tribune 74A wheels (of 100 mm of course). If you prefer another type of wheel (e.g. Prime Maximus or another durometer (hardness) of wheel), contact us. We will customize your skate! (A four-wheel set-up is possible too.)

If you are a junior or an adult with smaller feet, you should check the Reign Anax Junior.

EXCLUSIVELY in Sliding Tiger's shop and Sliding Tiger's webshop: you get an additional pair of waxed laces for free.