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Seba FRX 80

The FR-X is the entry level model of the FR series of Seba. As such you know you have a splendid inline skate for freeride, city trips, roller parades, fitness, freestyle. The "philosophical" concept about inline skating of the Seba founder Sébastien Laffargue is seen throughout the entire FR series and thus in the FR-X too. With the FR-X you have an inline skate with the preferred design of Sébastien for a very affordable price.

The FR-X has a liner (an inner shoe) that can be removed from the skate and can be washed. Its frame is rockerable, which means that the first and fourth wheel can be either raised or lowered. When lowered, you have a normal flat set-up, with all four wheels touching the ground at the same time. When raised, you have a "banana" set-up, with only two of the four wheels touching the ground at the same time. The banana set-up is ideal for who wants to do slalom tricks because it makes you more versatile.