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Make your own skate with this new feature (first of its kind):

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What about putting together your own skate? Choosing the perfect frame, the perfect boot and the perfect wheels and receiving these assembled or in parts, depending on your preference while still being more cost-efficient than buying every piece separately? Who would say no to that?
If you like this idea as much as I do, I have good news for you: Sliding Tiger now has the option to build your own skate in a wizard!

How does it work? In the wizard you will be selecting the perfect parts for your skate one by one. Starting with the boots: possibly the most important part of your skates, since it's what will give you support and comfort while skating.
Moving on, it's time to choose a frame that fits your style of skating, which is made significantly easier than it would be if you would be crawling the internet for frames, since the wizard only shows the frames with a mounting system that fit your chosen boot. Making it impossible to choose a wrong frame and preventing the misery of having to buy a second frame after realizing your components don't fit.
Finalize this with your bearings and wheels of choice and you'll be certain you have the most personalized and perfect skate for you!

Make your own skate or just mess around in the tool, here it is!

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