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Sliding Tiger is een webshop voor inline-skating en ook een echte winkel met echte mensen.

Stuur ons gerust een mailtje of bel eens en vraag naar degene die uw artikel ingepakt en verzonden heeft als u met vragen zit of advies wil.

FR shell maten

fr skates shell sizing table in the picture FR 1 310 inline skate

Verward met de maten van liners en shells? Dit overkomt iedereen wel eens. Daarom heb ik hier een tabel om het bij te kunnen houden.
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FR UFR Street AP review | A great premium aggressive skate, coming from a brand known for freeride and freestyle skates.

FR UFR AP Flat 65mm grande

I recently started with aggressive skating because I'm stuck in a city that is somewhat less optimal for urban skating. This of course means that I needed a new skate that would fit my style of skating best while also giving me the option to perform well in a skatepark.
For me that is a clear choice: the UFR Street AP FLAT. It has a liner I'm used to and a shell that is very similar to what I already use. If you haven't guessed it yet, I am used to an FR1 boot.

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Make your own skate with this new feature (first of its kind):

ST wizard logo v1

What about putting together your own skate? Choosing the perfect frame, the perfect boot and the perfect wheels and receiving these assembled or in parts, depending on your preference while still being more cost-efficient than buying every piece separately? Who would say no to that?
If you like this idea as much as I do, I have good news for you: Sliding Tiger now has the option to build your own skate in a wizard!

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International Tiger day is upon us!

International sliding tiger day giveaway starting on international tiger day 29th of July 2022

So, as you might know, the 29th of July is the international day of the tiger. And since we absolutely love tigers (duh, why else would we call ourselves the sliding tiger?), we wanted to celebrate this special day with all you (sliding) tiger lovers.

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