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FR 45° Logo ratchet Buckle system

16,99 €
2 dagen

The FR 45° micro buckle system can be used to replace a worn out 45° inline skate closure.
The new system incorporates a newly designed logo ratchet that replaces the spider ratchet. This should improve the lifespan of the redesigned ladder strap.

  • Both parts of the micro buckle system have two mounting points.
    With these varying lengths you can play with the length. The lengths of the sizes are as follows
  • S: min. 175 mm and max. 225 mm.
  • M: min. 205 mm and max. 255 mm.
  • L: min. 235 mm and max. 285 mm.
  • XL: min. 245 mm and max. 300 mm.
    For the models FR1, FR2, FR3 and FRX the size distribution is as follows:
  • S: for EU 34-37
  • M: for EU 38-40
  • L: for EU 41-44
  • XL: for EU 45-47
    For the model FR1 Intuition the size distribution is as follows:
  • S: for EU 35-38
  • M: for EU 39-41.5
  • L: for EU 42-46
  • XL: for EU 47-48
Note that the ladder strap on the XL is 120mm while the others use the 150mm variant of the ladder strap.
One of the pictures displays the available colours. When choosing one colour, the colour of all coloured parts change, of course.

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