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FR3 80 Deluxe

289,95 €
269,95 €
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The FR3 80 Deluxe is the ideal freeride inline skate for who wants the best wheels and frames, but for who the boot is somewhat less important.

The FR3 80 Deluxe is a customized freeride inline skate, that we assemble ourselves in Sliding Tiger.
It happens quite regularly that customers tell us that they really want high quality stuff for the transfer of muscle energy to the wheels (or better: to the contact surface of the wheels and the ground), but that the boot itself is not so important.
That's why we decided to assemble the FR3 80 Deluxe. It is composed with these components:

  • The FR3 boot has a metal powerplate on which the frames are mounted and that is ideal to transfer the muscle energy to the wheels.
  • The frame, wheels and bearings have premium level quality.
  • You have the same high quality of frames, wheels and bearings as with the FR1 80 Deluxe Intuition or the Seba High Light Carbon, but for a much lower price.

In every set-up that features the FR3 inline skate boot, it is best to take the same size as for a regular shoe. 

(The brands FR and Seba are like sister brands that are manufactured in the same factory although they do not have entirey the same stakeholder structure. Often the same wheel or the same frame exists in a version with the FR brand on it and in another version with the Seba brand on it.
Most customers do not care whether the Deluxe frame and the Street Invaders wheels have an FR or Seba logo; but if it is important for you, then mention it in the commentary case on the check-out page.)

Product specificaties

neem dezelfde maat als voor een schoen
FR3 Liner
laces; 45° micro-buckle; top buckle with safety closure
FR3 innersole
80 mm