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Endless 84 Trinity Frame

239,95 €

Endless 84 Trinity Frame is a high quality frame for multiple wheel set-ups and with a balanced rocker.

As the name suggests, it can be used only on skates with Trinity mounting. In practice, these are the better inline skates of the Powerslide brand.

The Endless 84 Trinity Frame is the Trinity equivalent of the Endless 80 Frame.

Most rockered frames are designed with slalom in mind, for instance the FR Deluxe V3 rockered frame that has a 2 mm banana wheel set-up. For slalom you also really need that. The so called balanced rocker of the Endless 84 Trinity Frame has less rocker. It is designed with freeride in mind.
Keep in mind that there is a (balanced) rocker only in the 4-wheel set-ups. The 3-wheel set-up is flat.

You can use the frame for 3 different wheel set-ups:
- 3 x 100mm (flat set-up) (in the product specifications we write that the max. wheel diameter is 84 mm, but that is in the 4-wheel set-up)
- 4 x 84mm (balanced rocker)
- for the sake of completeness, we also mention the 4 x 80mm set-up mentioned by the manufacturer. This uses the same axle positions as the 4 x 84 set-up and is therefore not really a separate set-up, as you can of course put 80mm wheels in any 84mm frame. But for some reason, many inline skaters have adopted the manufacturer's terminology and speak of the 4x80 set-up of this Endless 84 Trinity frame.

The package includes a pair of frames and 8 axles (but no spacers).

Most people do not use a brake on an Endless 84 Trinity Frame, but if you feel that you need a brake in one or all wheel set-ups, you should choose the Powerslide Urban brake.
The compatibility between the brake size and the wheel set-up of the Endless 84 Trinity Frame is as follows: Strengths:
  • Contrary to other multiple set-ups frames (of other brands) the ride height of the 4-wheel set-up has not been compromised to make a 3-wheel set-up possible. There is only 1 mm space between the front frame bolt and the second wheel in a 4x84 set-up (as it should be).
  • The balanced rocker 4-wheel set-up is ideal for freeriding.
  • Because of the use of the strongest aluminium the frame is very responsive.
  • Even with excellent frames we do not have any problem to find some weaknesses: we are simply raising our standards in that case. 😁
    For instance some people find it aesthetically disturbing that there are axle holes visible of the not-used wheel set-up.
  • The 3x100 setup will work only with bullet profile wheels, not with full profile wheels.
  • We are a little disturbed by the fact that the factory communication talks about 3 set-ups while in reality there are only 2.
Some more technical specifications:
  • Wheelbase: 255 mm
  • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight = 256 grams, without spacers and axles

Spécifications du produit

84 mm