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Slope Killer 5X90 downhill frame

229,99 €

Downhill frames are frames specialised for cruising downhill at high speeds while maintaining stability and control. An absolutely thrilling skating discipline only for the most fearless of skaters.
These these lightweight frames are longer to provide more stability while flying downhill. Even though they provide a 364mm wheelbase, they still weigh only ~0.395kg/frame.

These frames have 5 wheels each, keep that in mind when ordering wheels or bearings for it! (you will need 10 wheels and 20 bearings total instead of 8/16)
The extra wheel makes for a longer and more stable wheel base and divides the weight over two extra bearings which gives you an extra point of contact with the ground, which gives you more control at higher speeds.

Spécifications du produit

Flying Eagle
90 mm