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FLAT AP Frames 267mm

139,95 €
109,95 €

The FLAT AP Frames 267mm are aggressive inline skate frames made of high quality aluminium.

In the FLAT AP frames with a wheelbase of 267mm, 4 wheels of 65mm diameter fit.

The H-Block is made of plastic and is replaceable with the H-block for the FLAT AP Frames.

The FLAT AP frames are available in black and silver colours.

The letters "AP" in the name "FLAT AP Frames" are the initials of Antony Pottier, one of the best aggressive inline skaters ever.

And the word FLAT is indeed there because it has a flat set-up: no anti-rocker, but 4 wheels that touch the ground so you can develop a good speed.

The axles and spacers are included.

  • The aluminium size makes this an aggressive frame which is much stronger than its plastic counterparts.
  • A flat set-up and yet a large H-block.
  • The H-block doesn't come with surprises: it is plastic and can be replaced.
  • These FLAT AP Frames 267mm are a further development of a prototype with a flat 80-72-72-80 set-up. (So 80 mm wheels at the ends and 72 mm wheels in the middle, with an H-block between the 72 mm wheels). The prototype also had a slight inclination. I preferred that prototype (over the final 267mm FLAT AP Frames) because it had the perfect combination of freeride and aggressive.

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