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Intuition Liner V2

199,95 €

The Intuition Liners (V1 as well as V2) are considered to be one of the best and most comfortable liners that exist.

They are already very comfortable out-of-the-box. If, however, you should still feel some pressure points, you can heat-mold them to adapt them entirely to your feet.
It says something that the top freeride inline skate FR1 Deluxe Intuition 80 is equipped standard with an Intuition liner.

The size table of the Intuition Liner V2 is as follows:
XS = EU 34-37
S = EU 38-40
M = EU 41-42
L = EU 43-44
XL = EU 45-47

Until the invention of the Intuition Skate Premium Liner I used to say that the Intuition Liner V2 is the best liner that exists. Now I say that there are two liners that are the best: the Intuition Liner V2 and the Intuition Skate Premium Liner.
Which of those two suits you best, depends on these questions:
  • Are you uncertain or very sure about your foot size? If you are uncertain, this Intuition Liner V2 will be a better choice because one Intuition Liner V2 size covers several EU sizes.
  • Are you OK to invest some time to heat-mold the liner? If yes, this Intuition Liner V2 might be the better choice; if not, the Intuition Skate Premium Liner might be the better choice.

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