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Sonic Pro Tool Blue

14,95 €
N/A - bleu
2 jours

This handy tool is a handy 7-in-1 inline skate tool.

The 7 tools are:
• 4 mm Hex (Allen key)
• 5/32" Hex (Allen key)
• 2 Bearing Pushers
• 2 Floating Spacer Aligners
• Bearing Extractor
• Bearing Press
• Phillips #2

If you wonder: 5/32" = 5/32 inch = 3.97 mm. The slight difference between both Allen keys can be handy in the cases where the axles are difficult to unscrew.

If you only want one Allen key of 4 mm hex and are not interested in the slightly different 5/32" Allen key, then the Sonic Pro Tool Orange might be a good choice for you. Instead of an 5/32" Allen key, it has an additional Torx key.

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