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WCD Ceramic Record - 12

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The WCD Ceramic Record bearings from Wicked are the fastest bearings that exist.

The have:
- low friction,
- high durability,
- low weight.

The Wicked Ceramic Record bearings have 5 bearing balls, which is a technologically advanced design.
The best ceramic material that exists is used to be able to resist a 5 balls system.
It causes less friction and as such more speed.
By using 5 bearing balls instead of 6 or 7, the bearing balls take more load and roll faster with less friction or resistance.

These WCD Ceramic Record bearings have been used by Felix Rijhnen in his one-hour world record. (That is the reason for the name of the bearings.)

The WCD Ceramic Record bearings are packed per 12.

Weight: 10.5g
Bearing Lubrication: High temp oil
Number of Balls: 5 Balls
Bearing Shield: RZ, single sided rubber coated steel

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