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FR SL Speed Boot-only 195 mm mounting

459,99 €
2 jours

The FR SL Speed boot has premium quality features and 195mm mounting for speed and race frames!

This is a high quality boot from FR made for speed and race inline skate use. The 195mm mounting standard is not the typical one found in freeride and other frames. Instead it is specifically speed and race frames that use this mounting standard.

This boot-only inline skate has a heat moldable integrated Intuition liner. All Intuition liners are heat moldable, but it is nice to know that this is the first ever integrated Intuition liner.

  • Integrated Intuition liner
  • Carbon fiber shell gives increased control and power transfer
  • Closing system with two ratchet buckles, a toe strap and lacing all the way to the top allows to get the tightest fit
  • The 195 mounting is specifically for speed and race frames and is nearly not used at all in other types of frames
Sizing guide:
for fitness and "normal" speed skating you take the same size as for a normal shoe.
However, if you are more interested in high performance than in comfort, you can take one EU size less than for a normal shoe so that the inline skate fits like a second skin around your foot after the (somewhat unpleasant) break-in period.

Spécifications du produit

for slalom take one size less than for a shoe, for other disciplines take the same size
carbon fiber
Intuition liner
Top and ankle ratchet buckle, toe strap and laces
boot-only autre, vitesse, vitesse/urban