Gratis verzending in België vanaf € 79,50 - retour tot 14 dagen na ontvangst Gratis verzending in België vanaf € 79,50
The logo of Sliding Tiger: an animated sliding tiger

Poëzie op inlineskates

The Rolling Divine two people who like to inline skate on inline skates from Sliding Tiger

Wat kan je als winkelier meer wensen dan dat de klanten gedichten over je winkel schrijven?
Dank je wel, The Rolling Divine!

We are The Rolling Divine
When we skate, we feel all happy and fine.

In the dark we shine so bright.
With our luminous wheels to light up the night.

We are not vain, so we even skate in the rain.

Our pleasure has no end
with thanks to the expertise of Sliding Tiger in Ghent.

So if you have a question don’t be shy,
the dude in the shop is a really nice guy.

van The Rolling Divine.

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