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Swell Firefly 125

Swell Firefly Sitting

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USD Aeon 60 Nick Lomax Pro

USD Nick Lomax Pro

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Micro Shaper

Micro Shaper inline skate for kids adjustable in size in colours black and red in side view

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Backpack Medium

FR backpack medium

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UnderCover Cosmic Roche Teal 80

Teal UnderCover Cosmic Roche inline skate wheel of 80 mm and 88A durometer with full radius in front view

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Powerslide XXX 125

Powerslide XXX racing skeeler with 125 mm wheels

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Vacature winkelverantwoordelijke

Powerslide girl freeriding

Sliding Tiger zoekt een winkelverantwoordelijke.

Wie zijn we?

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Fitness closed? Inline skating is the best option to keep fit.

Inline skating in the winter The gyms and fitness clubs closed this week and there seems to be a second corona lockdown coming. A good hobby to pick up in the coming time is inline skating.

Is inline skating corona-proof?
Inline skating can be done outdoors in the city or the suburbs and is fully corona-proof. Sufficient distance can be kept from others at all time. Since the activity also takes place outdoors there is a lot less risk of infection.

Is inline skating good training?
Inline skating is a full body workout and burns a lot of calories. Compared to other cardio activities it is also a lot better for your knees. It is a very good way to keep fit.

Can I inline skate in the rain?
Inline skating can be done in any weather conditions. It is a little bit harder when it rains and you need to watch out for rusted bearings. But for the people who don’t want to wait for dry weather there are special ‘rain wheels’ and ‘rain bearings’.

Is it not too cold to inline skate outside?
Your body warms up while you inline skate so the cold will not hurt. Don’t dress too warm and underestimate how much your body will warm up during skating. For temperatures up to 5 degrees a long-sleeve shirt and a hoodie should keep you warm enough after the first few minutes of skating. read more

FR1 310 – A Sliding Tiger Review


The FRX to FR1 range of models has been one of the best sold ones over the season of 2020. They are a fantastic range that fit almost anyone’s feet. The FRX 80 and FRX 310 are the base models of the FR line and for they offer great value for those starting to inline skate but also people looking for a new pair. The FR3 80 and 310 are an upgrade of the FRX with the most noticeable upgrade features being the ratchet buckle on the ankle instead of the Velcro and a 7-hole mounting system on the boot for adjusting the frame position. The FR2 80 and 310 is the next upgrade in the line with the most noticeable upgrade features being in the finish of the skate and the wheel and frame quality. With the FR1 80, 310 and 325 we are approaching the top of the freeride line of FR, the best finish quality. The top model of the freeride/urban line of FR is the FR1 Intuition; the most remarkable upgrade feature is the Intuition liner, which is often considered to be the best on the market. (The liner is sold separately too, but in a somewhat other colour: the Intuition Liner V2.)

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Kizer Trimax frame set 3x110mm

Onze collega H., die pas bij ons werkt, heeft als beginner het Trimax frame uitgetest. Lees hieronder zijn ervaringen.

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