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Skating throughout the city at night, some useful Do's & Don'ts

Skating in the dark with Luminous wheels

If you're a night owl like me, you may have thought about skating at night before. And even if you're not, you probably will have thought about it at least once. The joy of being the only one on the silent city streets, possibly with some amazing music in the background (I have at least 3 different playlists depending on the vibe (or feeling, for those who don't understand young adults anymore) of the evening.
And since I've noticed that I'm far from the only one who likes doing this, I decided to make a useful list of what you might want to keep in mind if you want to be prepared for at least most of the common unpleasantries one might experience. Of course I hope you won't end up in those situations in the first place, but sometimes it's better to be prepared in the first place.

DO take your ID and phone with you

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Skating on a race track in Zolder, Belgium

A race track like in Zolder Belgium with inline skaters training for a race

Have you always wanted to skate on an actual race track? That is completely possibe, since Roller Mondays are back!

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Vacature winkelverantwoordelijke

Powerslide girl freeriding

Sliding Tiger zoekt een winkelverantwoordelijke.

Wie zijn we?

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Wheel Compounds

UnderCover Teal 80mm inline skate wheel

So, I got into a bit of a Facebook discussion the other day and I realised not everyone understands the difference between cheap and expensive wheels.

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