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Sliding Tiger is a webshop for inline skating and also a real store with real people.

Send us an e-mail or phone us and ask for the inline skater who has packed and shipped your parcel when you have some questions or want some advice.

Converting inline skates into ice blades

Powerslide Trident ice blade frame under a Powerslide HC Evo

My colleague Koen skates continuously through rain and wind thanks to his water-resistant bearings and grip-resistant wheels, but I am more of a good-weather skater.

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The importance of bearing maintenance

damaged Seba frame because of bad bearings maintenance

There are many misconceptions about owners of inline skate shops and one of them is that these people always maintain their bearings perfectly.

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The difference between normal and rain inline skate wheels

inline skate rain wheels on a wet surface

The summer and autumn of 2021 in Western Europe can without exaggeration be described as "very wet".

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Inline skate everywhere with our interactive Community inline skate map

Screenshot Skate Everywhere community map

Where to skate? Looking for a good place to skate? The best inline skate routes in Belgium? (Hmm..... between the moments of writing and publishing this blog, this sentence and my wish underneath is rather out-dated, because I see that a lot of inline skate roads and spots have been evaluated in the meantime by the inline skate community in Copenhagen, Denmark. So I should write now: "the best inline skate routes in the world".)

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