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The difference between normal and rain inline skate wheels

inline skate rain wheels on a wet surface

The summer and autumn of 2021 in Western Europe can without exaggeration be described as "very wet".

Unfortunately, this means that many inline skaters are postponing their skating. As we have often written, rain bearings and rain wheels make inline skating in the rain as possible as jogging.

During this wet period, we are often asked to what extent rain wheels really improve grip. The table below is my standard answer. 😃

With normal wheels With rain wheels
Dry road surface “Inline skating is the most fun there is.” “Inline skating is the most fun there is.”
Slightly wet road surface, e.g. due to heavy fog “It's great that I can still skate; I have to be a bit careful though.” “Inline skating is the most fun there is.”
Normal road surface during rain “I start to slip when I push myself sideways. I can't get my heart rate as high as I want.” “Inline skating is the most fun there is.”
Slippery road surface during rain “Why am I riding along this road? This is not very nice. Now pay attention. Maybe I should just practice some slidings instead of riding a tour.” “This is not the best road surface; I have to be a bit careful.”
Very wet, slippery and rotting leaves “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Brace! Brace! Luckily I have my wrist, knee and elbow protection!” “Why do I pay taxes if the city services do not clear up the rotting leaves? If I skate here again tomorrow and it is still just as bad, I will take a different route the day after tomorrow.”

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