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Converting inline skates into ice blades

Powerslide Trident ice blade frame under a Powerslide HC Evo

My colleague Koen skates continuously through rain and wind thanks to his water-resistant bearings and grip-resistant wheels, but I am more of a good-weather skater.

Late autumn and early winter, basically the inline skate off-season, always is bit dependent on how bad the weather actually is, but this year (turn of year (2021-2022)) we weren't that lucky. But luckily, the major skate brands realise that skaters don't want to resort to skating indoors only. Which is why there are plenty of options to convert your favourite pair of inlines, into a set of ice skates. You heard me right: ice skates.


The importance of bearing maintenance

damaged Seba frame because of bad bearings maintenance

There are many misconceptions about owners of inline skate shops and one of them is that these people always maintain their bearings perfectly.

Well, hmm, "perfectly", you say? Well, let's just say that I often skate in the rain and on sandy roads and therefore also clean (or have to clean) the bearings from time to time, even the water-resistant ones, but "perfectly" is a tad exaggerated.


Skate Ban in Antwerp ?!?

muscled inline skater

The Skate ban, it's happening in Antwerp, but if it passes it won't just be Antwerp anymore.

Antwerps recent decision to ban all forms of skating from its riverside promenade is a real issue and here's why.


Poetry on inline skates

The Rolling Divine two people who like to inline skate on inline skates from Sliding Tiger

What more could you want as a shopkeeper than to have customers who write poems about your shop?
Thank you, The Rolling Divine!

We are The Rolling Divine
When we skate, we feel all happy and fine.


USD Aeon 80 - A Sliding Tiger Review

USD Aeon 80

USD is one of the biggest brands in aggressive inline skating. Their Aeon line is very popular and comes in variations with 60, 72 and 80mm wheels. The 60mm wheel variation is the most popular one as this is the most used in aggressive inline skating. The 72mm are in between an urban wheel setup and an aggressive. The 80mm model has the same size wheels as a freeride urban model but still manages to make space for an h-block, a soul and negative plate and this without having a ridiculously long frame. All the Aeon models come stock with a flat wheel setup. While this setup is great for having extra manoeuvrability and speed, it does make grinds a bit harder to do.


Fitness closed? Inline skating is the best option to keep fit.

Inline skating in the winter The gyms and fitness clubs closed this week and there seems to be a second corona lockdown coming. A good hobby to pick up in the coming time is inline skating.

Is inline skating corona-proof?
Inline skating can be done outdoors in the city or the suburbs and is fully corona-proof. Sufficient distance can be kept from others at all time. Since the activity also takes place outdoors there is a lot less risk of infection.

Is inline skating good training?
Inline skating is a full body workout and burns a lot of calories. Compared to other cardio activities it is also a lot better for your knees. It is a very good way to keep fit.

Can I inline skate in the rain?
Inline skating can be done in any weather conditions. It is a little bit harder when it rains and you need to watch out for rusted bearings. But for the people who don’t want to wait for dry weather there are special ‘rain wheels’ and ‘rain bearings’.

Is it not too cold to inline skate outside?
Your body warms up while you inline skate so the cold will not hurt. Don’t dress too warm and underestimate how much your body will warm up during skating. For temperatures up to 5 degrees a long-sleeve shirt and a hoodie should keep you warm enough after the first few minutes of skating. more...


winterclash aggressive contest

*Sighs* where am I going to start…

Winterclash 2018 is over, and every blader who was a part of it probably ended up in a black hole which will take some time to roll out of. Haha.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
race skeelers on circuit

Babylonische spraakverwarring. Het bestaat ook in de wereld van inlineskates, rollerblades, skeelers, of moet je gewoon rolschaatsen zeggen?

Zelf spreek ik nooit over “rolschaatsen”, want dan denk ik aan quad-skates: dus rolschaatsen (ja, what’s in a name) met twee wielen vooraan die naast elkaar staan en twee wielen achteraan die ook naast elkaar staan. Ook als ik over quad-skates wil spreken, vermijd ik de term “rolschaatsen”, want stilaan wordt het woord rolschaatsen ook gebruikt als men “inlineskates” bedoelt, en zo weet niemand nog wat je met rolschaatsen wil zeggen. Ons weglopen van het woord “rolschaatsen” heeft zelfs een negatief aspect op Sliding Tiger: als je op “rolschaatsen” googelt, zul je ons niet vinden, ook niet als je de versie met 4 wieltjes op een lijn bedoelt. sad



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
voetgangersbrug over Italiëlei

Antwerpen is parking geworden. Autorijden daarentegen doe je voortaan beter in de rest van Vlaanderen.

Donderdag 3 augustus 2017 wou ik de rollerparade in Antwerpen meedoen. Ik had wel zin in een stadsritje die avond; dankzij de rollerparade zou ik nieuwe, leuke skate-weggetjes in Antwerpen leren kennen, want heel goed ken ik die stad skate-gewijs niet. En bovendien zou ik wat visitekaartjes van Sliding Tiger kunnen uitdelen. Want niet iedereen in Antwerpen kent onze inlineskate-winkel al. Twee vliegen in één klap dus.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
frj skeeler in blue

Kent u de kinderskates met Barbie op? Of met Spiderman als het voor een jongen is?

Zelf heb ik er als kind geen cadeau gekregen. Ik ben wel beginnen skaten toen mijn oudste dochter zoiets cadeau kreeg van haar tante. Twee maanden nadien kocht ik skates voor mezelf om af en toe eens een tochtje samen met haar te doen. (Wist ik toen veel dat het op haar speelgoed-skates onmogelijk is om toertjes te doen.) Zelf vond ik skaten onmiddellijk heel leuk. Eerst skatete ik één keer in de week, vervolgens twee maal per week en dan alsmaar vaker en in alsmaar meer disciplines. En nu baat ik een inlineskate-winkel uit. smiley


The difference between normal and rain inline skate wheels

inline skate rain wheels on a wet surface

The summer and autumn of 2021 in Western Europe can without exaggeration be described as "very wet".

Unfortunately, this means that many inline skaters are postponing their skating. As we have often written, rain bearings and rain wheels make inline skating in the rain as possible as jogging.


Inline skate everywhere with our interactive Community inline skate map

Screenshot Skate Everywhere community map

Where to skate? Looking for a good place to skate? The best inline skate routes in Belgium? (Hmm..... between the moments of writing and publishing this blog, this sentence and my wish underneath is rather out-dated, because I see that a lot of inline skate roads and spots have been evaluated in the meantime by the inline skate community in Copenhagen, Denmark. So I should write now: "the best inline skate routes in the world".)

We've started a community map! After my last attempt at making Antwerp, Belgium a bit easier to orientate on skates, I've found a great website that allows me to share the best skate spots and routes easily!


Inline skate spots and roads in Antwerp

Antwerpen Skate kaart

Firstly, the roads in the city have vastly improved for Antwerp inline skating! Over the last couple of years, both Antwerp’s streets and the Belgium inline skate scene have changed a lot - for the better.

New bike lanes have been placed; not only in Antwerp center but also throughout intercity skate trails in Belgium! The best way to plan intercity skate journeys through Flanders would probably be: There you will find an overview of Belgium’s best skate routes, also known as “Bike Highways”. I suggest you also check out Skate Vlaanderen and our tour related posts for more tips.


Useful Presents for Inline Skating


There are lots of handy products and nice presents for inline skating. If you are looking for inspiration, we have listed some for you below:

Skate Wax

This one is for the aggressive inline skaters that like to go to skateparks and grind on objects. Many times, ledges or rails are rough and hard to slide on. That is where skate wax comes into good use. By waxing the ledge or rail you will be able to grind smoother on the obstacle. Be careful not to wax too much because the rail can get very slippery.


FR1 310 – A Sliding Tiger Review


The FRX to FR1 range of models has been one of the best sold ones over the season of 2020. They are a fantastic range that fit almost anyone’s feet. The FRX 80 and FRX 310 are the base models of the FR line and for they offer great value for those starting to inline skate but also people looking for a new pair. The FR3 80 and 310 are an upgrade of the FRX with the most noticeable upgrade features being the ratchet buckle on the ankle instead of the Velcro and a 7-hole mounting system on the boot for adjusting the frame position. The FR2 80 and 310 is the next upgrade in the line with the most noticeable upgrade features being in the finish of the skate and the wheel and frame quality. With the FR1 80, 310 and 325 we are approaching the top of the freeride line of FR, the best finish quality. The top model of the freeride/urban line of FR is the FR1 Intuition; the most remarkable upgrade feature is the Intuition liner, which is often considered to be the best on the market. (The liner is sold separately too, but in a somewhat other colour: the Intuition Liner V2.)

One of the great features of the FR skates is their customisability. Each little part of the skate can be replaced separately and usually in different colours. That means that if something breaks it is easily replaceable without having to throw any big part of the skate away. In the FR1 the cuff bolts come with a 4-way system which allows the cuff to be adjusted to personal taste symmetrically on both sides or asymmetrically. The cuff bolt allows the cuff to move up, down, to the front and to the back in order to provide more or less support. Another great customisation feature is the 7-hole frame mounting system on the bottom of the boot. This allows for the frame position to be adjusted to the inside or outside. Again this can be done symmetrically or in an x-fashion.



winterclash ramp


From thursday 15th – till saturday 17th february, one of the biggest aggressive inlineskate contest (if not the biggest) will find place at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven.  



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
Kizer Trimax frame set 3x110mm

Onze collega H., die pas bij ons werkt, heeft als beginner het Trimax frame uitgetest. Lees hieronder zijn ervaringen.

"Na enkele maanden geleden te zijn begonnen met skeeleren en bladen, heb ik het gevoel dat ik de fontein van de jeugd heb gevonden met de Kizer Trimax Frame 3*110 die ik (UFS compatibel) op mijn Razors SL-3 bevestigd heb. smiley In mijn nieuwe job bij Sliding Tiger kan ik een en ander uittesten en heb ik de nieuwe en wonderlijke Trimax ontdekt voor skeeleren en aggressive. #bigwheelblading!



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
rollerblading in the rain

De herfst is al een tijdje in het land. Ik krijg in deze periode dan ook vaak de vraag of in de regen inline-skaten iets is dat mogelijk is.

Ja, het is mogelijk om in de regen te skaten, ook in de gietende regen. Je wieltjes en roulementen zijn wel een aandachtspunt.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
skatepark Zuid

In het centrum van Gent aan de Zuid vind je een betonnen skatepark met een quarterpipe (1m30 ongeveer), een drietal grindboxen, een soort piramide, een launch ramp en een hoge ramp (±1m90).

Dergelijke skateparkjes vind je natuurlijk elders ook, maar het is leuk dat het zo dicht bij het centrum van Gent en de talrijke cafétjes gelegen is. De ingang van de ondergrondse parkeergarage Zuid ligt op tien, twintig meter van het parkje en daar kan je (op eigen risico, nvdr) een freeride afdaling doen (WEES EXTRA VOORZICHTIG EN HOFFELIJK ALS JE DAT DOET en neem steeds je verantwoordelijkheid als je schade zou veroorzaken) en met de lift naar boven terugkeren.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
Traject Gent Brugge skeeleren

Het lente-weer is er inmiddels al een aantal weken. Heb je ook al mooie tochten met de inline-skates gerold? Voor wie inspiratie nodig heeft en voor wie eens een ander toertje wil skaten dan gewoonlijk, hebben we in onze Rollerpedia een sectie met toertochtjes opgenomen. Nu en dan zullen we er een nieuwe tocht op posten. We beginnen bescheiden met één artikel, maar dan wel een gedetailleerd over een lange tocht met veel foto’s en plattegronden: 65 km van Gent naar de Kust langs mooie wegen. Zie op deze pagina.