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Custom skates! The best doesn't exist (but there always is better)

custom skate mess

If you are new to skating, this might not be for you, but for everyone who has had a few pairs of skates before: Do you know that feeling of not finding exactly what you want? Well, I have good news! There is a solution for this problem.
It isn't the cheapest option - which is why I don't recommend it to new skaters - but there is a lot of room to play around here, which gives you the option to really dial in on what you want and get the best equipment for your money.

For example, the FR3 is an amazing skate, but its casted aluminium frame might be lackluster for more experienced skaters. The boot, however, is one that is amazing for freeride skaters of all levels.
This is why the "boot only" variants exist, where you can start building your own skate by picking the parts that best suit your skating style. For example: if you would like to get your start in more flowy and wizard skating, you could pick up the Flying eagle liberty frame to combine with this boot, or maybe a set of flashy endless frames? Or if you are more interested in downhill skating (which is absolutely amazing and one of the best experiences for thrill hunters), you could pick up the slope killer frames for extra stability.


Custom skates: A quick breakdown

Sliding Tiger Wizard
Custom skates offer one of the best ways to familiarise yourself with all the components and their strengths. However, it can also be time-consuming and require effort to achieve the right setup. To assist you along the way, here's a guide that might prove helpful.
  • Boot

    Let's begin with the part you'll likely use the most. Even if you decide to change the frame later, you'll probably stick with the boot you already have. Therefore, we recommend visiting a physical store to try out a few boots. I suggest opting for a hardshell boot with a replaceable cuff. This allows for more customisation, and you can swap out the cuff if it breaks, enhancing its longevity. Another advantage of hardshells is the ability to replace the liner, improving the overall fit.
  • Liners
    Selecting the right liner can be tricky since each liner fits differently in every shell (the hard outer part of your boot). This makes customisation more challenging but equally enjoyable. Pay attention to the size and thickness of the liners. For instance, the FR1 liner may feel uncomfortable in the powerslide NEXT shell due to its thickness. On the other hand, a thinner FR intuition liner in your normal size might enhance the feeling of the NEXT boot. Many aggressive skates can benefit from a MyFit liner, known for being heat-mouldable and providing a great feel for aggressive skating.
  • Frame

    Your frame is, next to your boot, the most important part in determining the feel of your ride. Check the Sliding Tiger blog for more detailed guides, but here's a quick overview: ensure it's compatible with the mounting standard used on your boot (normally 165mm with a raised heel for freeride and freestyle, UFS for aggressive and trinity for Powerslide's patented system). The wheelbase (length) of the frame, along with whether it's flat or rockered, influences manoeuvrability. Popular aftermarket frames include Endless, Wizard, NN, and Oysi.
  • Bearings

    Now, let's discuss bearings. They determine how smoothly you can ride and can be chosen based on different goals. For rain or wet conditions, go with rustproof bearings or ceramics. In dry conditions, consider ABEC 7 or 9 for a good balance of price to performance. Wicked, a Powerslide daughter brand, is the standard for bearings, but others prefer twincam for its two metal shields and its MW standard (comparable to ABEC). According to some team members, twincam bearings also provide a smoother ride.
  • Wheels

    Finally, let's talk about wheels. Choosing the right wheels can be challenging since everyone has different preferences. It's mainly about trial and error to find what suits your style. Some team members prefer FR speed and UnderCover team wheels for their balance between sliding ability and grip. Others enjoy adding a unique look to their skates with LED or firestone wheels.
I hope this guide excites you to explore and find what fits you personally. While I can't provide a guide that is clearer or easier to follow, remember that skating is a highly personal adventure, and no two people have the same feet, making it even more challenging to create a comprehensive guide. If you have specific questions, I recommend making some friends in the skating scene and asking them about their experiences.

How to choose a skate

choosing inline skates can be scary

Inline skating is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors, get some exercise, and have loads of fun. However, to make the most of your inline skating experience, you need to choose the right pair of skates. Whether you're a newbie eager to hit the pavement for the first time or a seasoned skater looking to upgrade, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect inline skates.

  1. Skate Type:
    The first step in choosing inline skates is determining the type that suits your needs. Inline skates come in various styles, including fitness skates, aggressive skates, freeride skates, and more. If you're looking for a comfortable ride around your neighbourhood or local park, fitness or freeride skates are the way to go. On the other hand, if you're an adrenaline junkie who enjoys tricks and stunts, aggressive skates are your best bet.
  2. Size, Fit, and Boot Design:
    Getting the right size is paramount for a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience. Begin by consulting the manufacturer's sizing chart to match your shoe size with the appropriate skate size. It's crucial to remember that inline skates should fit snugly but not be uncomfortably tight. Additionally, consider the boot design, which comes in various styles, such as hardshell, softshell, and hybrid. The choice between these designs largely depends on your personal preferences. Hardshell boots offer exceptional support and control, making them ideal for advanced skaters. In contrast, softshell boots are often more comfortable for extended rides, offering a bit of flexibility for those who prefer a more relaxed fit. We’ll leave carbon boots and integrated liners out of the picture here, since these are mostly used by people who know what they are looking for, but feel free to ask more info about those in our store or by email.
  3. Maintenance:
    Educate yourself on how to maintain and care for your inline skates. Regular maintenance can extend their lifespan and keep them performing optimally. Basic maintenance tasks include cleaning, tightening bolts, and replacing worn-out wheels or bearings. For example, if you skate through the rain, you might want to consider special wheels and bearings that are optimised for those conditions since normal bearings aren’t made for wet conditions and may show signs of rust after only a couple rides through the rain.
  4. Closure System:
    Don't forget to consider the closure system, whether it's traditional laces, buckles, or Velcro straps. Ensure that the closure system not only offers a secure fit but is also easy to use, allowing you to adjust your skates quickly. Here you want to think about how much patience you have to put on shoes (or in this case, skates), if you lack the patience to tie your shoelaces for example, you might want a simpler system compared to people disciplined enough to take the time to properly adjust their laces every time.
  5. Frame and Wheel Configuration:
    The frame and wheel configuration on your skates can significantly impact your overall experience. For beginners, a longer frame with larger wheels provides better stability, making it easier to maintain balance. Additionally, consider the material of the frame, whether it's aluminium, plastic, or another type, as it can affect the weight and durability of your skates. For most people, the sweet spot here is an aluminium frame, which offers performance and durability. Mind that these exist at different price points and qualities.
    As for wheel sizes, 80mm is the sweet spot for allround, but you of course don’t have to limit yourself to the basic option. Look at what wheelbase feels natural for you and the compatible wheel sizes with that length.
  6. Wheel Hardness:
    The hardness of the wheels on your inline skates is measured on the durometer scale. Softer wheels (with a lower durometer rating) provide excellent grip but tend to wear out faster, making them suitable for indoor or smooth outdoor surfaces. On the other hand, harder wheels (with a higher durometer rating) are more durable and perform well on rough outdoor terrains but may feel less forgiving on bumpy roads.
    The sweet spot between durability and comfort lies somewhere around 85A here. Keep in mind that it is advised to not go any lower than 82A if you want to ride outside (officially 80A, but that’s a load of I’m not finishing that). Harder wheels, like 88A and above are mostly used for aggressive skates because they slide easier.
  7. Brake and Extras:
    Consider whether the skates you're interested in come with a built-in brake or if you'll need to purchase one separately. Additional features like shock absorption, ventilation, or interchangeable frames can also enhance your skating experience, so weigh these options based on your preferences.
    My advice is learning how to stop properly without a brake as it gives you more control than using a brake. But some people feel safer with a brake for some reason. Add-on brakes are therefore also more recommended than built-in ones, as they will allow you to start out with a brake and allow you to grow once you have built up the confidence and necessary skills.
  8. Budget:
    Inline skates come in a wide range of prices, so it's essential to determine your budget before shopping. While it's tempting to go for the most affordable option, it's wise to invest in a reliable and durable pair that suits your skating needs. Quality skates can be found at various price points, often starting around €150 for aggressive and freeride. Most (higher) midrange quality skates can be found around the €200-250 price point. Slalom and other more specialised skates often start around €270 and up.

In conclusion, selecting the right inline skates is a crucial step towards ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and satisfying skating experience. Your choice should align with your skating goals, personal preferences, and skill level. If you're unsure, consider seeking advice from experienced skaters or consulting with professionals at a reputable skate shop like Sliding Tiger. By carefully considering the factors outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to choosing the ideal inline skates for your needs, resulting in countless hours of outdoor fun and fitness.


The bigger the better? Does that feel right?

wheel size isn't everything

We've all been there, pondering what would be better: smaller wheels, big wheels, or really small wheels? The best option might just surprise you. In this article, I hope to help you navigate the confusing world of inline skating wheels so you can find what's perfect for you.

Defining Big and Small

First off, let's talk about what big and small wheels exactly are. The standard "normal" wheels are 80mm wheels. These will work fine for most skaters, as they allow you to try out almost everything the hobby has to offer. As an adult, 4x80mm should be your go-to if you're uncertain or want to enjoy a bit of everything. These are the best option for learning how to skate, slalom/freestyle, and they're the best all-rounder.


What is skating tourism?

Camera for skate tourism

In recent years, a unique trend has been gaining momentum in the world of tourism: skating tourism. This trend merges the thrill of skating with the art of photography, offering adventurers a dynamic way to explore new destinations while capturing stunning visuals. Skating tourism allows travellers to roll through city streets, coastal paths, and picturesque landscapes, all while wielding a camera to document their journey.

The Fusion of Adventure and Creativity

Skating tourism brings together two seemingly distinct activities - rollerblading, skateboarding, or even inline skating, and photography. The combination is nothing short of magical. Adventurers get to experience the rush of gliding through diverse terrains, feeling the wind against their skin, and relishing a sense of freedom that only skating can offer. Meanwhile, their camera lens captures the world from a unique perspective, freezing moments in time that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Capturing and Unconventional


Which skates are perfect for me?

question skates which are for me

While carbon fibre skates are amazing for precision and speed as they have way more power transfer than normal hardshells, they might not be perfect for everyone. For example: speed skaters and freestyle skaters might benefit a lot from having a very rigid boot, but for others it might be a waste or maybe simply not feel right. Aggressive skaters for example almost never use carbon fibre in their skates because landings feel much more comfortable on plastic (which is also why they still ride on plastic frames) and your aunt Rebecca (fictional name, I’m certain you can skate beautifully, Rebecca) might not have the skills needed to justify putting her on carbon fibre freestyle skates.

If you just want to skate without thinking too much about performance, you might be better off getting yourself a comfortable soft shell, which is not only cheaper most of the time, but also won’t scare you off like a carbon fibre shell that is way tighter and takes a lot of time to form after your foot.
On the other hand, if you want to do a lot of jumps or simply want more than a soft shell offers, go for a classic hard shell. Most of these have a plastic shell and a liner inside of it. This allows you to replace a lot of parts to update your skate. I personally love this because it means I can repair almost anything for a relatively small cost instead of having to buy a new boot. The advantage of hard shells is that they usually support you a lot better than soft shells while also offering a lot of comfort. The downside is that they feel tighter and some people might not like this feeling. Regardless I am convinced that most people would benefit from riding on this type of skate.


Music: Your companion while skating at night


Skating at night is something I wrote about a while back (Skating at night, useful do's and don'ts). But more than those tips, you shouldn't forget that ,usic also plays a big part in this. So, I decided to give the people who don't know what to play during those nightly adventures and the ones looking for more music some songs I like to listen to while skating at night.

While rock and metal might be amazing during the day, riding at nighttime, for me, is something totally different and thus asks for different music. This is just a small list of suggestions, but feel free to ad these to your playlist!


Flat frames: Are they right for me?

880256 PS ONE Zoom Black 80 2020 w10
Flat frames, as the name suggests, feature a design where all wheels remain in full contact with the ground, resulting in a perfectly flat arrangement. This configuration evenly distributes the weight and provides a stable and predictable ride.
Advantages of Flat Frames:
Increased speed and stability: The full wheel contact of flat frames ensures maximum stability and speed. Skaters who prioritize straight-line speed, such as long-distance or speed skaters, benefit from the consistent contact of all wheels with the surface.

Enhanced power transfer: The flat setup facilitates better power transfer from the skater's stride to the ground, resulting in efficient energy utilization. Skaters can achieve powerful strides, allowing them to maintain higher speeds for longer durations.

Ideal for outdoor long-distance skating: Flat frames excel in outdoor environments, particularly on long stretches of smooth pavement. They offer optimal stability and speed, making them a preferred choice for skaters engaging in long-distance tours or races.
Considerations for Flat Frames:
Reduced maneuverability: Unlike rockered frames, flat frames offer less maneuverability and agility. Skaters who require sharp turns or frequent directional changes may find flat frames limiting in this aspect.

Lesser adaptability on rough terrain: Due to the even distribution of wheel contact, flat frames may transmit more vibration and impact from uneven surfaces. Skaters frequently encountering rough terrains might find the ride less forgiving and more physically demanding.
If you feel you’re less stable on your wheels or you prioritize long distances, you might want to stick to flat frames. These will support you more than the rockered frames and allow you to focus on speed and stability.
If you ride on rougher terrain often, you might want to consider a (longer) rockered frame like an endless frame that will support you more than a standard 4x80mm while still having the rockered advantages. This has little advantage speedwise, but it will allow you to ride over rougher terrain while still retaining a bit more balance. The disadvantage of this last option of course is that the frames are much longer and often heavier than the other options.

A last option is to get a frame that is rockerable, meaning that you can choose between a rockered or a flat frame. This way you can grow at your own tempo without needing to switch between frames.

Skate events during the summer in Belgium

Are you looking for skating events now the weather is starting to become better? Look no further! Every roller bike parade is listed on this amazing site called!
This site has a list of all the cities that have a parade throughout the coming months. We're still waiting on the first confirmations for the tours, but hell is it going to be fun! A DJ setup mounted on a car at the front and back of the group, lots of skaters and the police blocking the road so we can pass safely through the city. What more can you ask for?

Of course there are smaller local tours as well, for example Ghent has a darling 'roller parade' (They don't like me calling it a family tour) for all ages which is perfectly doable for less advanced skaters and most certainly a fun event to socialize for better skaters.

Are they all the same?

Of course, they are all different tours in different cities, so let's bring you up to date with a few things you might want to keep in mind.
Some cities, like Leuven, ask that the tour ends at 22h00 so the population isn't disturbed by loud music during the nighttime. However, our friends from the local skating club (RSC Leuven) don't like the idea of riding less kilometers than they would at other tours, so they ride a similar distance a little faster.
Others, like Brussels, just make sure you have a train home for those using public transport, which is amazing, but also makes it a little later if you ride both the small and big tour. That being said, Brussels is known for letting us ride through the tunnels, which is as amazing and exhausting as it sounds.
And then there's the smaller ones like Ghent where you can't forget to set an alarm if you want to catch the last train at all. Otherwise you might get stuck like a certain person who proceeded to spend the entire night at Blaarmeersen to catch the first train in the morning (couldn't be me, don't look at me. I didn't do it. Maybe I did...).

FR shell sizing guide

fr skates shell sizing table in the picture FR 1 310 inline skate
So, you’re confused by the shell and liner sizes of the FR1/2/3/X skates. Well guess what, so am I. As much as I like FR, I keep forgetting how their shells line up with the actual sizes of their skates. So I made a clean, simple table so I can take a look whenever I forget how this all works again... And since I know I’m not the only one who is confused every now and then, I thought I’d share it. Have a great day, and I hope this helped a lot. :)
shoe size shell size
34 2
35 4
36 4
37 4
38 6
39 6
40 7
41 8
42 8
43 10
44 10
45 12
46 12
47 12
FR Intuition
shoe size shell size
35-36 2
37-38 4
39-40 6
40.5-41.5 7
42-43 8
43.5-44.5 10
45-46 10
47-48 12

FR UFR Street AP review | A great premium aggressive skate, coming from a brand known for freeride and freestyle skates.

FR UFR AP Flat 65mm grande

I recently started with aggressive skating because I'm stuck in a city that is somewhat less optimal for urban skating. This of course means that I needed a new skate that would fit my style of skating best while also giving me the option to perform well in a skatepark.
For me that is a clear choice: the UFR Street AP FLAT. It has a liner I'm used to and a shell that is very similar to what I already use. If you haven't guessed it yet, I am used to an FR1 boot.

Opting for the UFRs made it so I could skate with a boot that feels as similar as possible to the one I'm used to. Raised heel, similar liner, similar support from the cuff and the exact same sizing. For me, that's a no-brainer.
But that doesn't make it a godlike skate that is perfect for everyone. Let's take a closer look at what it exactly is.

The Boot


Is warming up really necessary?

warm up necessary or not

Honestly, from skater to skater: warming up can be a waste of time, right? Still, it can be very important to do so if you want to improve or even if you just want to avoid injury. Skating is an intensive hobby and demands a lot from your body, so it's best to prepare it like you would prepare yourself to go outside during winter. And in case you're not going to believe me, I took the time to ask an expert. This is what he wrote for me:

Let’s Talk Warm-Up

When asked to write a little article every issue, to educate and help the Blading community, I doubted not a second. What better than learning a little bit about the blading body every time a new issue comes out?
For our first encounter, I want to talk to you about warming up before doing physical activity or in this case Blading. I will lightly address why you should warm up, how you should warm up and what it can mean for your body. If you are afraid that this will be a technical and boring monologue on how bad it is to not stretch, I can assure you: it isn’t. This little article is not a lecture nor a sermon. For I, The Blading Physio, also dares to go skate without warming up. I’ll try to entertain you with bits of knowledge wrapped in metaphores. So let’s get into it!



Skating on a race track in Zolder, Belgium

A race track like in Zolder Belgium with inline skaters training for a race

Have you always wanted to skate on an actual race track? That is completely possibe, since Roller Mondays are back!

Circuit Zolder (in Belgium), that hosted the Formula 1 ten times before, opens its circuit to paracyclists and inline skaters 7 times this year. So seven Mondays you can go and test yourself to the fullest and establish or better your personal best time.


Converting inline skates into ice blades

Powerslide Trident ice blade frame under a Powerslide HC Evo

My colleague Koen skates continuously through rain and wind thanks to his water-resistant bearings and grip-resistant wheels, but I am more of a good-weather skater.

Late autumn and early winter, basically the inline skate off-season, always is bit dependent on how bad the weather actually is, but this year (turn of year (2021-2022)) we weren't that lucky. But luckily, the major skate brands realise that skaters don't want to resort to skating indoors only. Which is why there are plenty of options to convert your favourite pair of inlines, into a set of ice skates. You heard me right: ice skates.


The importance of bearing maintenance

damaged Seba frame because of bad bearings maintenance

There are many misconceptions about owners of inline skate shops and one of them is that these people always maintain their bearings perfectly.

Well, hmm, "perfectly", you say? Well, let's just say that I often skate in the rain and on sandy roads and therefore also clean (or have to clean) the bearings from time to time, even the water-resistant ones, but "perfectly" is a tad exaggerated.


Skate Ban in Antwerp ?!?

muscled inline skater

The Skate ban, it's happening in Antwerp, but if it passes it won't just be Antwerp anymore.

Antwerps recent decision to ban all forms of skating from its riverside promenade is a real issue and here's why.


Poetry on inline skates

The Rolling Divine two people who like to inline skate on inline skates from Sliding Tiger

What more could you want as a shopkeeper than to have customers who write poems about your shop?
Thank you, The Rolling Divine!

We are The Rolling Divine
When we skate, we feel all happy and fine.


USD Aeon 80 - A Sliding Tiger Review

USD Aeon 80

USD is one of the biggest brands in aggressive inline skating. Their Aeon line is very popular and comes in variations with 60, 72 and 80mm wheels. The 60mm wheel variation is the most popular one as this is the most used in aggressive inline skating. The 72mm are in between an urban wheel setup and an aggressive. The 80mm model has the same size wheels as a freeride urban model but still manages to make space for an h-block, a soul and negative plate and this without having a ridiculously long frame. All the Aeon models come stock with a flat wheel setup. While this setup is great for having extra manoeuvrability and speed, it does make grinds a bit harder to do.


Fitness closed? Inline skating is the best option to keep fit.

Inline skating in the winter
The gyms and fitness clubs closed this week and there seems to be a second corona lockdown coming. A good hobby to pick up in the coming time is inline skating.

Is inline skating corona-proof?
Inline skating can be done outdoors in the city or the suburbs and is fully corona-proof. Sufficient distance can be kept from others at all time. Since the activity also takes place outdoors there is a lot less risk of infection.

Is inline skating good training?
Inline skating is a full body workout and burns a lot of calories. Compared to other cardio activities it is also a lot better for your knees. It is a very good way to keep fit.

Can I inline skate in the rain?
Inline skating can be done in any weather conditions. It is a little bit harder when it rains and you need to watch out for rusted bearings. But for the people who don’t want to wait for dry weather there are special ‘rain wheels’ and ‘rain bearings’.

Is it not too cold to inline skate outside?
Your body warms up while you inline skate so the cold will not hurt. Don’t dress too warm and underestimate how much your body will warm up during skating. For temperatures up to 5 degrees a long-sleeve shirt and a hoodie should keep you warm enough after the first few minutes of skating.


winterclash aggressive contest

*Sighs* where am I going to start…

Winterclash 2018 is over, and every blader who was a part of it probably ended up in a black hole which will take some time to roll out of. Haha.


Sliding Tiger wordt milieuvriendelijker!

This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
leaf coloured inline skate with nature background and FSC logo

Wat betekent dit? Dat wij beloven elke dag beetje bij beetje ons steentje bij te dragen voor het milieu.

Hoe doen we dit?

Door elke dag te kiezen voor mileuvriendelijke vormen van transport en verpakking. Van naar het werk komen op skates en met de trein tot proberen om de hoeveelheid verpakking die we moeten gebruiken om spullen te verzenden te beperken tot een absoluut minimum. Hierom is onze standaardverzendoptie veranderd naar 'verpakkingsarme verzending'.


This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
Kizer Trimax frame set 3x110mm

Onze collega H., die pas bij ons werkt, heeft als beginner het Trimax frame uitgetest. Lees hieronder zijn ervaringen.

"Na enkele maanden geleden te zijn begonnen met skeeleren en bladen, heb ik het gevoel dat ik de fontein van de jeugd heb gevonden met de Kizer Trimax Frame 3*110 die ik (UFS compatibel) op mijn Razors SL-3 bevestigd heb. smiley In mijn nieuwe job bij Sliding Tiger kan ik een en ander uittesten en heb ik de nieuwe en wonderlijke Trimax ontdekt voor skeeleren en aggressive. #bigwheelblading!



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
rollerblading in the rain

De herfst is al een tijdje in het land. Ik krijg in deze periode dan ook vaak de vraag of in de regen inline-skaten iets is dat mogelijk is.

Ja, het is mogelijk om in de regen te skaten, ook in de gietende regen. Je wieltjes en roulementen zijn wel een aandachtspunt.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
skatepark Zuid

In het centrum van Gent aan de Zuid vind je een betonnen skatepark met een quarterpipe (1m30 ongeveer), een drietal grindboxen, een soort piramide, een launch ramp en een hoge ramp (±1m90).

Dergelijke skateparkjes vind je natuurlijk elders ook, maar het is leuk dat het zo dicht bij het centrum van Gent en de talrijke cafétjes gelegen is. De ingang van de ondergrondse parkeergarage Zuid ligt op tien, twintig meter van het parkje en daar kan je (op eigen risico, nvdr) een freeride afdaling doen (WEES EXTRA VOORZICHTIG EN HOFFELIJK ALS JE DAT DOET en neem steeds je verantwoordelijkheid als je schade zou veroorzaken) en met de lift naar boven terugkeren.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
Traject Gent Brugge skeeleren

Het lente-weer is er inmiddels al een aantal weken. Heb je ook al mooie tochten met de inline-skates gerold? Voor wie inspiratie nodig heeft en voor wie eens een ander toertje wil skaten dan gewoonlijk, hebben we in onze Rollerpedia een sectie met toertochtjes opgenomen. Nu en dan zullen we er een nieuwe tocht op posten. We beginnen bescheiden met één artikel, maar dan wel een gedetailleerd over een lange tocht met veel foto’s en plattegronden: 65 km van Gent naar de Kust langs mooie wegen. Zie op deze pagina.


Custom skates: An example

Screenshot 2024 01 26 133837

Ever thought about upgrading your skates or putting together a custom set that's totally you? Well, I recently got my hands on the NN dragon+ frame and, of course, I went for the best in the market with such an amazing frame.

For this project, I picked the Powerslide NEXT black boot's shell since the frame had a trinity mounting standard instead of the 165mm with a raised heel that I usually roll with (just my preference). On the flip side, the trinity mounting standard gives a slightly lower centre of gravity. The two mounting points at the front make adjusting your weight feel more like a push than a lean, at least for me. But hey, everyone's got their own feel.
This excuse to work with Powerslide’s best boot was absolutely amazing. You can clearly see why this boot is the favourite of many people. With an adjustable cuff and heatmoldable liner and the way everything is put together with amazing eye for detail is just next level (pun intended).


Navigating the Chill

skating on wet road

As the weather starts becoming rainier and the roads more often wet, inline skaters need to adapt their approach to glide gracefully through the changing seasons. While the allure of brisk air and the crunch of leaves under your wheels may be tempting, it's crucial to recognize the unique challenges that autumn and winter bring to the world of inline skating. In this blog post, we'll explore the potential dangers and offer some valuable tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable skating experience.

  • Quick and Short Pushes for Slippery Roads

    The first rule of autumn and winter inline skating: adjust your push. The roads can be treacherously slippery, so those long and powerful pushes you're used to might not be your best friend during these seasons. Opt for quick, short pushes to maintain better control over your movements. This adjustment will help prevent unexpected slips and slides, keeping you on your feet and out of harm's way.
  • Watch Out for Leaves and Wet Metal Surfaces

    Leaves are some of the most dangerous things you regularly encounter during autumn skating adventures. Unlike on a bike, they will absolutely mess you up while skating. They turn any road into an absolute nightmare to ride on since they take away any grip you would have had on the road.
    Textured metal plates like manhole covers on the other hand are difficult terrain because of a combination of a lack of grip and your wheels getting caught easily in the textured surface, forcing your foot in a different direction.
  • Rain Trousers: A Must-Have for Dry and Warm Legs

    Rain is a frequent companion during the autumn months, and winter often brings its fair share of slush and (hopefully) snow. To protect both your pants and keep your legs warm, invest in a good pair of rain trousers. These will shield you from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your skating sessions without worrying about damp clothes or the biting chill.
  • It: Keeping Rain at Bay

    Picture this: you're cruising along, raindrops tapping a rhythmic melody on your helmet. While the sensation can be poetic, it's not always practical. Invest in a snug cap to keep rain out of your face. Not only does this small addition help maintain visibility, but it also adds an extra layer of protection against the cold. Opt for a water-resistant material to maximize the effectiveness of your cap in wet conditions.
  • Distances: A Crucial Consideration

    Autumn leaves and winter precipitation can significantly extend your braking distance. Keep this in mind and adjust your speed accordingly. Take a more conservative approach when approaching intersections or downhill stretches, giving yourself ample time to brake safely. Being mindful of your braking distance can prevent accidents and ensure a smooth, controlled ride.
  • Guarding Against the Winter Wind

    As the temperatures drop, so does the risk of wind chill. Don't forget to protect your neck from the biting winter winds. A scarf, neck gaiter, or a specialized windproof neck guard can make all the difference, keeping you warm and shielded from the harsh elements.

    In conclusion, autumn and winter inline skating offer a unique set of challenges, but with the right adjustments and precautions, you can continue to enjoy the thrill of gliding through the seasons. Remember to adapt your push, invest in rain trousers and a cap, be mindful of braking distances, and don't neglect your neck protection. Stay safe, stay warm, and embrace the seasonal beauty on wheels!


why do people skate?

start skating

Ever wondered what people think about skating? For me, it's pure magic. Beyond just a sport, it's an escape from the ordinary—a way to be myself and truly feel alive.

The subtle hum of wheels spinning, the exhilarating rush of wind, and the sensation of almost flying through the streets transport my mind far from its worries. When I'm skating, there's simply no room for anxiety; I'm utterly free.


Autumn Skating

autumn skating

As leaves begin to paint the world with hues of red, orange, and gold, and the crisp scent of autumn fills the air, it's time for us to lace up our rollerblades and hit the pavement. Welcome to the world of Foliage Skating Tours, where we invite you to embark on exhilarating journeys to discover the beauty of the changing seasons in various locations. Whether it's the mesmerising autumn foliage or any other natural wonder, we're here to show you how to experience it on wheels.

Rollerblading: The Perfect Blend of Adventure and Nature

Rollerblading is not just a thrilling sport but also a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors. The sensation of gliding effortlessly on smooth pavement, the wind in your hair, and the rhythmic sound of wheels against the ground can make your journey through nature's wonders an unforgettable experience.

Choosing the Right Location


Powerslide Spinner 110mm/88A thoughts

905438 PS SPINNER red wheel 110mm 2020

We’ve all been there: We don’t always want to spend big on wheels even though they are really important to the riding experience. Especially when comparing the prices of the big wheels to the “normal” 80-90mm wheels.

The Powerslide spinner wheels might be one of the options you are looking at, since they are only slightly over €10 per wheel, which is definitely amongst the cheaper wheels for 110mm (amongst the options that I still trust, if you find anything severely cheaper than that, watch out).
These wheels come from a reputable brand, are used by many and have some nice colour options (but in all honesty, this is going to be the last time I let my non-skater friends decide which wheels go on my setup).


What does skating at night feel like?

inline skates at night

Sometimes, late at night when I'm not skating, I feel like describing the feeling. Sometimes it's all you need. I don't know if others feel the same way about it, but I decided to write it down this time. I hope you enjoy it :) (or you can just laugh at my attempt at writing something that is supposed to describe a feeling, that's also fair)

There's a certain magic that unfolds when the night embraces the world. Skating with music beneath the moonlit sky has become my personal ritual, a captivating adventure that combines the rhythm of the beat with the rhythm of my wheels.


Rollerparades! Here are some of the most asked questions new people have


Rollerparades are amazing events where skaters come together and ride an organised tour guided by staff and police to block other traffic from the roads while the skaters get through. It is one of the most looked forward events that you can participate in, most of the time for free.

Are rollerparades competitive?

Unlike open marathons (which a lot of people ride just for fun, but also have a competitive aspect), rollerparades are not competitive in nature. Of course, you can always find other goofballs and add a competitive aspect to it if you really want to, but that (for me at least) is part of the bonding experience that I like about it. Sometimes you find people who will challenge you to the limit and other times you’re just riding, talking and laughing with people.

Where can I find these rollerparades?


Are rockered frames right for me?

rockered or not rocker consideration
A rockered frame is characterized by its curved design, with the front and rear wheels raised off the ground, while the middle wheels remain in contact with the surface. This configuration creates a slight banana-like shape along the length of the frame, resembling the rocker on a rocking chair, hence the name.
This style of frame is especially popular in slalom, where the enhanced maneuverability is key for most skaters.
Advantages of Rockered Frames:
Improved maneuverability: The rockered setup enhances agility and maneuverability, allowing skaters to execute quick turns, twists, and directional changes with greater ease. The lifted outer wheels reduce the contact area, enabling smoother pivoting and tighter turns.

Enhanced maneuvering over rough surfaces: By lifting the outer wheels, rockered frames allow skaters to navigate uneven terrains more efficiently. The reduced wheel contact with the ground minimizes instances of wheel bite and provides a smoother ride over bumps and cracks.

Versatility for urban skating: Rockered frames are highly favored by urban skaters who often encounter obstacles, curbs, and tight spaces. The increased maneuverability allows skaters to swiftly navigate crowded city streets and conquer obstacles, delivering an enjoyable urban skating experience.
Considerations for Rockered Frames:
Reduced speed and stability: The curved design of rockered frames sacrifices some speed and stability compared to flat frames. Skaters who prioritize speed over maneuverability might find rockered frames less suitable for their needs.

Adaptation required: Switching to rockered frames may require some adjustment, as the modified wheel configuration affects the skater's balance and stride. Skaters should be prepared to invest time and effort in adapting their technique to optimize their performance with rockered frames.

In consideration

Rockered frames open up a whole new world and allow advanced and experienced skaters to broaden their horizons beyond what a normal 4x80mm frame has to offer. There is a whole world of slalom and more difficult terrain that can be explored with these and the enhanced maneuverability allows for many more tricks to be discovered.
That being said, for newer skaters and people who aren't as confident on their skates, this ,might not be the ideal frame for you. I would recommend sticking to the "normal" flat frames until you have the confidence and ankle strength needed. And if you are someone who wants to try, but isn't sure yet, there are frames that are rockerable like the FR R2-R Rockerable Frames. These frames allow you to try out the rockered setup while still being able to go back to a flat 4x76 or 4x80 in case you want to switch regularly or notice you're not ready for a rocker yet. Mind you that different rockered frames exist and that this one simply is an example.

Skating: The ultimate way of commuting?

inline skating is great for commuting

It's a thought a lot of skaters will have had at least once. I had this thought popping up for the first time when I was about to start going to university. I wanted to get new skates, ones that would be amazing for going to lectures as well as being amazing for fun city rides at night. My FR1 310s were the obvious choice for that. Yet I ended up taking my bike almost every day since it was more convenient than using the small stairs they put in the classrooms while wearing skates.

So if that's the case, then why am I talking about skates being the ultimate tool for commuting? Clearly a bike is better, right?
Well, it depends.
While yes, if there's a lot of bad roads you have to take to get to where you want to, it is a lot more comfortable to take your bike, skates do have their advantages. For example, I take the train a lot, which would mean I would have to pay extra every time I wanted to take my bike with me. Taking your skates with you, on the other hand, is free. You only have to worry about possible complaints about wearing skates on the platform, but I'm working on a loophole for that problem (something a lot of people might recognize is an idea I got from ice skaters, but we'll reveal it when we finish it).
Anyway, skates might just save you a lot of money this way if you commute daily. Not to mention you look infinitely cooler than your friend who came to work by bike.
I haven't done anything by bike in the past 6 months and I can confidently say that going everywhere skating is definitely possible. Yes, I even go grocery shopping on skates sometimes. and yes, bags are heavy, but I have noticed that people around me react positively to seeing me skating. And even if it was just for making the world a little happier, it'd be worth it to me, being that small detail that is not quite the same. But I digress.


Make your own skate with this new feature (first of its kind):

ST wizard logo v1

What about putting together your own skate? Choosing the perfect frame, the perfect boot and the perfect wheels and receiving these assembled or in parts, depending on your preference while still being more cost-efficient than buying every piece separately? Who would say no to that?
If you like this idea as much as I do, I have good news for you: Sliding Tiger now has the option to build your own skate in a wizard!

How does it work? In the wizard you will be selecting the perfect parts for your skate one by one. Starting with the boots: possibly the most important part of your skates, since it's what will give you support and comfort while skating.
Moving on, it's time to choose a frame that fits your style of skating, which is made significantly easier than it would be if you would be crawling the internet for frames, since the wizard only shows the frames with a mounting system that fit your chosen boot. Making it impossible to choose a wrong frame and preventing the misery of having to buy a second frame after realizing your components don't fit.
Finalize this with your bearings and wheels of choice and you'll be certain you have the most personalized and perfect skate for you!


International Tiger day is upon us!

International sliding tiger day giveaway starting on international tiger day 29th of July 2022

So, as you might know, the 29th of July is the international day of the tiger. And since we absolutely love tigers (duh, why else would we call ourselves the sliding tiger?), we wanted to celebrate this special day with all you (sliding) tiger lovers.

So, if you like tigers as much as I do, or even as much as Achmed (who no-one will remember), this is for you. Since it's a special day for all the tigers, we are doing a giveaway! In total we will be giving away €50. Starting july 29th to august 2nd, we are giving away one €10 gift card each day to someone who ordered for at least €250 on our site. Meaning that every day there is a new chance to win, with a grand total of 5 winners! And don't forget to check out the instagram post on our page for an extra chance at winning!
But above all: Don't forget to spread awareness about this majestic creature that Achmed from the land of Pik-Zahr loves so much.


Skating throughout the city at night, some useful Do's & Don'ts

Skating in the dark with Luminous wheels

If you're a night owl like me, you may have thought about skating at night before. And even if you're not, you probably will have thought about it at least once. The joy of being the only one on the silent city streets, possibly with some amazing music in the background (I have at least 3 different playlists depending on the vibe (or feeling, for those who don't understand young adults anymore) of the evening.
And since I've noticed that I'm far from the only one who likes doing this, I decided to make a useful list of what you might want to keep in mind if you want to be prepared for at least most of the common unpleasantries one might experience. Of course I hope you won't end up in those situations in the first place, but sometimes it's better to be prepared in the first place.

DO take your ID and phone with you

For those of you who are wondering why I even included this one: Let's just say that I have been to more police stations and hospitals where I had to check in using my ID for a friend than I'd like to admit. While yes, most of them had their phone with them to call someone (long live gen z I guess, connected anywhere anytime), this is not the same as having your ID with you. If you need to register because of an unfortunate accident (or any other situation, long story, maybe for another time), you need to be able to prove you're you. Sounds stupid, I know, but if you absolutely need one of these two, it's going to be your ID.
Then why take your phone as well, you might ask. Well, for those of you who don't listen to music and truly want to be offline when skating, imagine you're on your own and you break something while falling. Happens to the best of us, but that's why it's convenient to have your phone with you, even if it's on do not disturb (which I really recommend, it gives so much freedom).

DON'T use noise cancellation


Wheel Compounds

UnderCover Teal 80mm inline skate wheel

So, I got into a bit of a Facebook discussion the other day and I realised not everyone understands the difference between cheap and expensive wheels.

Especially because there are loads of people out there saying "the more expensive wheels are made in the same factory than the cheap ones", which is true, but doesn't mean what they think it does.


The difference between normal and rain inline skate wheels

inline skate rain wheels on a wet surface

The summer and autumn of 2021 in Western Europe can without exaggeration be described as "very wet".

Unfortunately, this means that many inline skaters are postponing their skating. As we have often written, rain bearings and rain wheels make inline skating in the rain as possible as jogging.


Inline skate everywhere with our interactive Community inline skate map

Screenshot Skate Everywhere community map

Where to skate? Looking for a good place to skate? The best inline skate routes in Belgium? (Hmm..... between the moments of writing and publishing this blog, this sentence and my wish underneath is rather out-dated, because I see that a lot of inline skate roads and spots have been evaluated in the meantime by the inline skate community in Copenhagen, Denmark. So I should write now: "the best inline skate routes in the world".)

We've started a community map! After my last attempt at making Antwerp, Belgium a bit easier to orientate on skates, I've found a great website that allows me to share the best skate spots and routes easily!


Inline skate spots and roads in Antwerp

Antwerpen Skate kaart

Firstly, the roads in the city have vastly improved for Antwerp inline skating! Over the last couple of years, both Antwerp’s streets and the Belgium inline skate scene have changed a lot - for the better.

New bike lanes have been placed; not only in Antwerp center but also throughout intercity skate trails in Belgium! The best way to plan intercity skate journeys through Flanders would probably be: There you will find an overview of Belgium’s best skate routes, also known as “Bike Highways”. I suggest you also check out Skate Vlaanderen and our tour related posts for more tips.


Useful Presents for Inline Skating


There are lots of handy products and nice presents for inline skating. If you are looking for inspiration, we have listed some for you below:

Skate Wax

This one is for the aggressive inline skaters that like to go to skateparks and grind on objects. Many times, ledges or rails are rough and hard to slide on. That is where skate wax comes into good use. By waxing the ledge or rail you will be able to grind smoother on the obstacle. Be careful not to wax too much because the rail can get very slippery.


FR1 310 – A Sliding Tiger Review


The FRX to FR1 range of models has been one of the best sold ones over the season of 2020. They are a fantastic range that fit almost anyone’s feet. The FRX 80 and FRX 310 are the base models of the FR line and for they offer great value for those starting to inline skate but also people looking for a new pair. The FR3 80 and 310 are an upgrade of the FRX with the most noticeable upgrade features being the ratchet buckle on the ankle instead of the Velcro and a 7-hole mounting system on the boot for adjusting the frame position. The FR2 80 and 310 is the next upgrade in the line with the most noticeable upgrade features being in the finish of the skate and the wheel and frame quality. With the FR1 80, 310 and 325 we are approaching the top of the freeride line of FR, the best finish quality. The top model of the freeride/urban line of FR is the FR1 Intuition; the most remarkable upgrade feature is the Intuition liner, which is often considered to be the best on the market. (The liner is sold separately too, but in a somewhat other colour: the Intuition Liner V2.)

One of the great features of the FR skates is their customisability. Each little part of the skate can be replaced separately and usually in different colours. That means that if something breaks it is easily replaceable without having to throw any big part of the skate away. In the FR1 the cuff bolts come with a 4-way system which allows the cuff to be adjusted to personal taste symmetrically on both sides or asymmetrically. The cuff bolt allows the cuff to move up, down, to the front and to the back in order to provide more or less support. Another great customisation feature is the 7-hole frame mounting system on the bottom of the boot. This allows for the frame position to be adjusted to the inside or outside. Again this can be done symmetrically or in an x-fashion.



winterclash ramp


From thursday 15th – till saturday 17th february, one of the biggest aggressive inlineskate contest (if not the biggest) will find place at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven.  


Vacature winkelverantwoordelijke

This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
Powerslide girl freeriding

Sliding Tiger zoekt een winkelverantwoordelijke, bij voorkeur deeltijds.

Wie zijn we?

Sliding Tiger verkoopt inlineskates, zowel via de webshop als in een echte winkel in Gent.

Wie zoeken we?


Is inline skaten beter voor je dan lopen?

This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
inline skaten beter voor je gewrichten dan lopen

Je wil je leven verbeteren. Grapje :). Je denkt erover om te beginnen met inline skaten, juist?
Skaten is namelijk zeer goed voor je gewrichten En in dit artikel licht ik graag toe waarom. Hopelijk kan ik je hiermee overtuigen om het op zijn minst eens uit te proberen.

Mijn ervaring

De eerste reden waar mensen aan denken waarom mensen zo veel houden van skaten is natuurlijk de thrill factor, maar er zijn natuurlijk een hele hoop andere redenen waarom mensen zo veel van deze sport houden. Vooral onder de groep mensen die meer aan sport willen doen zonder te moeten gaan lopen (we weten allemaal dat niemand dat echt leuk vindt). Toch, hoewel ik geen herrineringen heb van een tijd toen ik niet kon skaten, heb ik ook een tijdje proberen te lopen. Deels omdat ik naast een niet al te veilige straat woonde op dat moment en deels omdat ik hoopte dat de basketwedstrijden in juni toch konden doorgaan. Helaas is dit niet hoe 2020 is uitgedraaid.
Hier is het dat ik ontdekte dat mijn knieën bijna aan hun limiet waren, iets wat ik altijd negeerde tijdens wedstrijden. En een probleem dat ik nooit heb gehad bij het skaten.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
race skeelers on circuit

Babylonische spraakverwarring. Het bestaat ook in de wereld van inlineskates, rollerblades, skeelers, of moet je gewoon rolschaatsen zeggen?

Zelf spreek ik nooit over “rolschaatsen”, want dan denk ik aan quad-skates: dus rolschaatsen (ja, what’s in a name) met twee wielen vooraan die naast elkaar staan en twee wielen achteraan die ook naast elkaar staan. Ook als ik over quad-skates wil spreken, vermijd ik de term “rolschaatsen”, want stilaan wordt het woord rolschaatsen ook gebruikt als men “inlineskates” bedoelt, en zo weet niemand nog wat je met rolschaatsen wil zeggen. Ons weglopen van het woord “rolschaatsen” heeft zelfs een negatief aspect op Sliding Tiger: als je op “rolschaatsen” googelt, zul je ons niet vinden, ook niet als je de versie met 4 wieltjes op een lijn bedoelt. sad



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
voetgangersbrug over Italiëlei

Antwerpen is parking geworden. Autorijden daarentegen doe je voortaan beter in de rest van Vlaanderen.

Donderdag 3 augustus 2017 wou ik de rollerparade in Antwerpen meedoen. Ik had wel zin in een stadsritje die avond; dankzij de rollerparade zou ik nieuwe, leuke skate-weggetjes in Antwerpen leren kennen, want heel goed ken ik die stad skate-gewijs niet. En bovendien zou ik wat visitekaartjes van Sliding Tiger kunnen uitdelen. Want niet iedereen in Antwerpen kent onze inlineskate-winkel al. Twee vliegen in één klap dus.



This blog does not exist in English. Below you will find the Dutch version of this blog.
frj skeeler in blue

Kent u de kinderskates met Barbie op? Of met Spiderman als het voor een jongen is?

Zelf heb ik er als kind geen cadeau gekregen. Ik ben wel beginnen skaten toen mijn oudste dochter zoiets cadeau kreeg van haar tante. Twee maanden nadien kocht ik skates voor mezelf om af en toe eens een tochtje samen met haar te doen. (Wist ik toen veel dat het op haar speelgoed-skates onmogelijk is om toertjes te doen.) Zelf vond ik skaten onmiddellijk heel leuk. Eerst skatete ik één keer in de week, vervolgens twee maal per week en dan alsmaar vaker en in alsmaar meer disciplines. En nu baat ik een inlineskate-winkel uit. smiley