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The ideal gift for every inline skater!

You can choose paper or digital gift vouchers and you can combine various amounts.
If you choose digital gift vouchers, you will receive a unique code by email. No shipping costs will be charged for digital gift vouchers.
If you choose paper gift vouchers, we will send them by post or parcel service. The paper gift voucher will also contain a digital code. For the paper gift vouchers the normal shipping costs apply. (See here.)

Both types of gift voucher (the paper one and the digital one) can be used to pay both in the store and on the webshop.

You can split one gift voucher over several purchases. For example, you have a gift card of 50 € and you buy wrist protection of 40 € with it. The remaining 10 € you can spend on a next order.

Gift vouchers expire one year after purchase.

If you put more than one paper gift voucher in the shopping cart, during the check-out you can write as a comment if you want to receive one gift voucher equal to the sum of the individual amounts or if you want to split the amount into several gift vouchers.