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Sliding Tiger wizard. To customize inline skates

Sliding Tiger Wizard

Customise your inline skates

You can compose your own personal inline skate based on desired functionality and/or desired colours.

You assemble your inline skate in the following steps:

  1. First you choose the inline skate boot. (So a boot-only inline skate.)
  2. You may choose other laces.
  3. With some models, you can also choose other abrasive pads.
  4. You choose a frame (the webshop only shows frames compatible with the chosen inlineskate boot).
  5. You choose the inline skate wheels. (The webshop displays only wheels that are compatible with the chosen frame. When you choose a complete frame, this step is skipped because wheels are included in a complete frame.)
  6. You choose the desired bearings. (When you choose a complete frame, this step is skipped because bearings are included in a complete frame.)
  7. You may choose a brake for your left, right or both skates.

If the skate assembly makes sense, we will assemble it and send it out. Otherwise, we will contact you to discuss the combination. And if no sensible combination can be assembled, we will refund you. (If in doubt yourself, it is better to contact us at before ordering.)

The total price of your self-assembled inline skate is lower than if you were to buy all the components separately.

Because this is a custom product, there is a limited return policy. Only exchange to a different size is possible.
Only if you experience a reasonably unforeseen problem that would make the product unusable for you, we will give a voucher for a return.

Although it is not technically required, it is advisable to log in to the website with your account (or to create an account first if you do not yet have one) before composing your inline skate. Then your composition will remain visible if you log in with the same account on another device.

Click the button hereunder to go to step 1 and select the desired inline skate boot to personalize it! (You can safely close the browser during a customisation session. If you later return to this customisation wizard and click on the button below, you will automatically return to the step where you left off.)

You can reset the customisation during each step. After having added the custom skate to the shopping cart, you can start composing another custom skate. (Of course, you can easily remove a customised skate from your cart just like any other item.)

Start customizing