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Custom skates! The best doesn't exist (but there always is better)

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If you are new to skating, this might not be for you, but for everyone who has had a few pairs of skates before: Do you know that feeling of not finding exactly what you want? Well, I have good news! There is a solution for this problem.
It isn't the cheapest option - which is why I don't recommend it to new skaters - but there is a lot of room to play around here, which gives you the option to really dial in on what you want and get the best equipment for your money.

For example, the FR3 is an amazing skate, but its casted aluminium frame might be lackluster for more experienced skaters. The boot, however, is one that is amazing for freeride skaters of all levels.
This is why the "boot only" variants exist, where you can start building your own skate by picking the parts that best suit your skating style. For example: if you would like to get your start in more flowy and wizard skating, you could pick up the Flying eagle liberty frame to combine with this boot, or maybe a set of flashy endless frames? Or if you are more interested in downhill skating (which is absolutely amazing and one of the best experiences for thrill hunters), you could pick up the slope killer frames for extra stability.

But really, it is all about finding that perfect combination. For me, one of those perfect combos was the Powerslide next black boot combined with the NN dragon+ frames, FR downtown black for 80mm wheels and luminous flamingo for their flashy visibility and of course wicked abec 9 bearings for a smooth ride. Those are the basics of it. After that, you can always change the liners (but be careful, this might be tricky as you will have to keep the dimensions of the shell and the liner in mind). For me, the intuition liners were the obvious upgrade to lock my heel in place (I'm not the biggest fan of the myfit liners, they just don't lock my heel the way some other liners do).

That's all there is to it. You pick a boot (like the FR3 or the powerslide next) and choose the frames, wheels and bearings that would support your skating style the best. And honestly, there is nothing more rewarding than riding around with a custom skate that you picked, tailored after your personal preferences.
If you followed this far and want to get your custom skate started, don't hesitate to reach out to the sliding tiger team at or try to use the custom skate build tool on our website to create your perfect skate. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help you with their expertise.

Lastly, don't be scared if your perfect skate isn't what I call my "NNNext" (yeah... I might have lost a screw or two). Skating is a very personal hobby with lots of people with different taste, so there is no telling what fits perfectly for you. Whether it's an FR3 boot with an FR1 frame because you want the performance, but prefer the less pricy boot. Or a powerslide next boot with a more unique frame because everything else is boring, it is a skate that perfectly fits you now.

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