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Powerslide Spinner 110mm/88A thoughts

905438 PS SPINNER red wheel 110mm 2020

We’ve all been there: We don’t always want to spend big on wheels even though they are really important to the riding experience. Especially when comparing the prices of the big wheels to the “normal” 80-90mm wheels.

The Powerslide spinner wheels might be one of the options you are looking at, since they are only slightly over €10 per wheel, which is definitely amongst the cheaper wheels for 110mm (amongst the options that I still trust, if you find anything severely cheaper than that, watch out).
These wheels come from a reputable brand, are used by many and have some nice colour options (but in all honesty, this is going to be the last time I let my non-skater friends decide which wheels go on my setup).

Initially, these wheels do what they’re supposed to, they are harder than the 85A I am used to, which was interesting since I wanted to try and see if this would make it so they would survive longer. However, I succeeded in creating a flat spot in about 4 months. Which really sucks to be honest. That aside, they do offer a decent ride, maybe even better than I expected from them.
They offered me a smooth riding experience and might just be perfect for someone who wants wheels that last a good time while also staying within budget options. Even though I would personally go for the street kings if I had to choose again. Yes, call me an FR fanboy, but I enjoy their products more most of the time.
These wheels were fun for the past 4 months, but unlike my previous ones, I think I’ll switch these out in a month or so. I really want to go back to the feeling of the FR speed wheels, which are still my personal favourite.

Keep in mind that this is a very personal opinion. In general I'd give these wheels a 6,5-7/10, but for me personally, they give me a 5-6/10 feeling.

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