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Skating: The ultimate way of commuting?

inline skating is great for commuting

It's a thought a lot of skaters will have had at least once. I had this thought popping up for the first time when I was about to start going to university. I wanted to get new skates, ones that would be amazing for going to lectures as well as being amazing for fun city rides at night. My FR1 310s were the obvious choice for that. Yet I ended up taking my bike almost every day since it was more convenient than using the small stairs they put in the classrooms while wearing skates.

So if that's the case, then why am I talking about skates being the ultimate tool for commuting? Clearly a bike is better, right?
Well, it depends.
While yes, if there's a lot of bad roads you have to take to get to where you want to, it is a lot more comfortable to take your bike, skates do have their advantages. For example, I take the train a lot, which would mean I would have to pay extra every time I wanted to take my bike with me. Taking your skates with you, on the other hand, is free. You only have to worry about possible complaints about wearing skates on the platform, but I'm working on a loophole for that problem (something a lot of people might recognize is an idea I got from ice skaters, but we'll reveal it when we finish it).
Anyway, skates might just save you a lot of money this way if you commute daily. Not to mention you look infinitely cooler than your friend who came to work by bike.
I haven't done anything by bike in the past 6 months and I can confidently say that going everywhere skating is definitely possible. Yes, I even go grocery shopping on skates sometimes. and yes, bags are heavy, but I have noticed that people around me react positively to seeing me skating. And even if it was just for making the world a little happier, it'd be worth it to me, being that small detail that is not quite the same. But I digress.

The only downside I can think of myself is that rain will absolutely soak you. But that goes for riding a bike as well. You may feel a little more of how slippery roads can be, but recent events have shown that even when freezing, it's not the skaters, but the students on their bikes who end up in the hospital. I went skating that very morning. Yes it was slippery, but I was laughing at the article that got sent to me while reassuring my mother I didn't end up in the hospital that same afternoon.

To summarize; In my opinion, skating is an absolutely amazing way of commuting that is so underrated. But yes, it may not be for you although I think it's definitely worth thinking about more than once.
Finally, while I will always claim skating is a safe hobby, it most certainly can be a bit dangerous once you start skating on public roads. So I would like to encourage everyone to try this, but do so safely. I know that's not our strong suit as skaters, but I'd rather see you at the next rollerparade than see you ending up in the hospital.

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