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Endless 90 LR Trinity

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The Endless 90 LR Trinity frames are high quality frames that are suitable for multiple wheel set-ups and have a balanced rocker.

As their names suggest, they can only be mounted on skates that have a Trinity mounting. In practice, these are the better inline skates of the Powerslide brand.

The abbreviation "LR" in the name "Endless 90 LR Trinity" means "Low Ride". Compared to the Endless Trinity 90 this frame has a 6 mm lower ride height when used with the 4-wheel setup. (As a drawback the 3-wheel set-up is 3x100mm instead of 3x110mm.)

The Endless 90 LR Trinity frame has a wheelbase (the distance between the points of contact of the front and rear wheel) of 276 mm.

The Endless 90 LR Trinity frame is designed with the freeride skater in mind who wants to ride very agile and playfully.
That is why the frames are rockered in the 4-wheel set-up. You can't consider them a slalom frame, because for that the wheelbase is too long and the rocker is too small. (It is not a 2 mm banana set-up like e.g. FR Deluxe V3 rockered frame, which is a real slalom frame.)
They do have the perfect blend of stability and agility, or playfulness.

The Endless 90 LR Trinity frame can be switched between the set-up 4 x 90mm and the set-up 3 x 100mm.
The 4-wheel set-up has a balanced rocker, something like 1 mm; not like a slalom frame, but still giving agility.
The 3-wheel set-up has a very subtle micro-rocker; it feels like a worn-in flat setup. It is called an "Enhanced Flat" setup and feels more maneuverable than flat, without feeling rockered.

The pair of frames comes with 8 axles (but no spacers).

Most skaters do not use a brake on an Endless 90 Trinity, but if you think you need a brake in one or both wheel set-ups, you should choose the Powerslide Urban brake.
The compatibility between the brake and the wheel set-up of the frames is as follows: Strengths:
  • Compared to the Endless Trinity 90 frame your feet are closer to the ground, which gives more stability.
  • The 3 wheel set-up has a micro-rocker, which is unique.
  • In contrast to other multiple set-up frames (from other brands), the height of the 4-wheel set-up is not affected to allow for a 3-wheel set-up. There is only a 1mm gap between the front frame bolt and the second wheel in the 4-wheel set-up (as there should be).
  • The balanced rocker 4-wheel set-up is ideal for freeriding.
  • The use of the strongest aluminium makes the frame very responsive.
  • Compared to the Endless Trinity 90 frame, a 3x110mm set-up is not possible. 3x100mm is the maximum.
  • The 3x100 setup only works with bullet profile (radius) wheels, not full profile wheels.
Some more technical specifications:
  • Wheelbase: 276 mm
  • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • The weight is 263 grams, without spacers and axles

Product specifications

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