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Smell Well

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The Smell Well eliminates unpleasant odours in skates, ice and inline hockey gloves, shoes, sports bags, etc.

The inventors had shoes in mind in the first place as an article for which the Smell Well would be most suitable and most often used. You understand why. Without the Smell Well you would rather put some shoes on the terrace than inside the shoe rack. With the Smell Well this changes: it absorbs the humidity so that the bacteria that cause the bad smell don't get a chance to multiply. And it creates a pleasant, fresh scent. To be perfectly clear: bad odours are not obscured by a pleasant smell, but the Smell Well ensures that the bad smell does not arise. That happens in a physical way, not a chemical one.

If the odour problem already exists when you buy the Smell Well, you will need to continue using it for a few days before you will see (or smell) any results.

For rollerblades the Smell Well is even more interesting than for shoes.

For inline skaters who step into their blades without stockings, the Smell Well is definitely a must-have. Same for all roller hockey and ice hockey players, because they always wear thick gloves that don't let the sweat through as well as a satin glove.

There are two Smell Well bags in one package.

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