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Aggressive Soulplates Set for Seba FR skates

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The FR series of Seba is a splendid collection of freeride skates. Every Seba FR rider loves his or her skates. Use them for touring, freeride, slalom, city-riding, halfpipes, slidings, jumps. Name it and the FR skate (FR-X, FR-3, FR-2, FR-1 or FR-Deluxe) is a splendit choice for what you want to do. Unless of course if you want to grind... Is it not possible to grind with e.g. a Seba FR Deluxe? Yes and no, it depends. With any FR skate it is impossible to grind because the outer shell is far too narrow at the heel, unless... you install the Aggressive Soulplates Set. With the installed set you can do even grinds with your favourite inline skates!

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