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FR Premium Insole

9.99 €

The FR Premium insole is a comfortable insole that comes as standard in FR1 skates and the other better FR inline skates.

When customers in our store first fit an FR3 or FR2 skate and then an FR1 skate in the same size, they will always find that the comfort level is higher, even without having been able to enjoy upgrades such as better closures, wheels, bearings, etc.
This higher comfort level is entirely due to the FR Premium insole. After all, insoles are quite important in the perceived comfort.

  • Good quality for a low price.
  • The fact that it is the standard insole of the better FR skates is a quality label in itself.
  • If you are looking for high-quality insoles, the Sidas and the MyFit insoles are even better.
  • The colour pattern and micro-perforation of the underside may differ from what is displayed in the photo. This depends (strangely enough) on the factory lot to which the pair belongs.
If you want to replace an insole of an FR or Seba skate, choose the same size. If the insole is intended for a different inline skate brand, simply choose your shoe size (and not the size shown on the inline skate).

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