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FR UFR Soulplate

24.99 €

The FR UFR Soulplate is the only soulplate that fits the FR UFR inline skates. And vice versa, the FR UFR inline skates are also the only inline skates that fit the FR UFR soulplates.

With the FR UFR Soulplate you can turn e.g. the FR UFR 80 Black into an aggressive skate.

You can leave the existing frame on and you have a hybrid freeride aggressive inlineskate. You can grind with it, but you have no H-block.

You can also put a real aggressive frame on it, like the FLAT AP frame that goes very well with the FR UFR skates. Then you have a full aggressive inlineskate.

The soulplates exist in two colours and various sizes. The size of the soulplate is determined by the size of the inline skate shell.
As with most skates of the brand FR, the shell sizes of the FR UFR skates are distributed as follows:
Shell size 2 = EU 34
Shell size 4 = EU 35-37
Shell size 6 = EU 38-39
Shell size 7 = EU 40
Shell size 8 = EU 41-42
Shell size 10 = EU 43-44
Shell size 12 = EU 45-47

But be careful, if your inline skate has an Intuition liner, like the FR UFR Street AP Intuition or the FR UFR 90 Intuition, then there is another distribution between shell sizes and sizes:
* EU 35-36 -> shell size 2
* EU 37-38 -> shell size 4
* EU 39-40 -> shell size 6
* EU 40.5-41.5 -> shell size 7
* EU 42-43 -> shell size 8
* EU 43.5-44.5 -> shell size 10
* EU 45-46 -> shell size 10
* EU 47-48 -> shell size 12

This means that if you have size EU 36 in the FR UFR 90 Intuition skate, you should choose a soulplate of size EU 34, because you skate has shell size 2 and shell size 2 corresponds with a soulplate of size EU 34.

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