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Wicked Jesa Swiss Mini 688 bearings

79.99 €
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First of all a little warning: if you choose these bearings, then you will need probably bearing adapters too.

Why do mini 688 bearings exist while all wheels are suited for standard 608 bearings? Simple: because they are smaller they weigh a lot less.
One Wicked Jesa Swiss Mini 688 bearing only weighs 3.6 g, while a normal 608 bearing weighs at least 10 g and a lot of 608 bearings weigh 20 g and more.
Bearings are the heaviest parts of inline skates and you need 16 of them for a pair. That counts.
Because the bearings are superlight, they accelerate faster too.

These Wicked Jesa Swiss Mini 688 bearings are the benchmark of performance bearings around the world. Fast and long lasting.

When world class athletes such as Bart Swings spend countless hours refining their physical condition, they also demand the best material, that's why he chooses the Wicked Swiss bearings.

type: 688
rating: P5
material of the balls: chrome steel
material of the cage: T9H nylon
type of the shield: Z, single steel
lubrication: SRL oil
weight per bearing: 3.6 g
material of the rings: chrome steel

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