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TSG Wristguard Professional

34.95 €

The TSG Wristguard Professional is, as the name suggests, a very safe wrist protection.

All wrist guards have a reinforcement at the palm, which distributes the impact over a larger surface and therefore reduces the impact. The TSG Wristguard Professional also has a reinforcement at the back of the hand. This greatly reduces the risk of a sprained wrist.
The TSG Wristguard Professional is highly recommended for the skate park and many skaters also use them for fitness and freeride.

The TSG Wristguard Professional is a fixed with three strong velcro's. The ergonomic design gives your hand still reasonable freedom of movement.

The XL is very large. If you have very large hands and the XL sizes of other wrist protection models are all too small for you, take the XL from the TSG Wrist Protection Professional.

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