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Micro Champion

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The Micro Champion inlineskate for children is adjustable in size and is suitable for slalom, freeride and fitness.

The Micro Champion is ideal for children who want to do both freeride and freestyle slalom: you can put the wheels in a flat set-up (all four wheels touch the ground at the same time) for freeride and fitness, and also in a rockered set-up (the wheels are in "banana" and only two of the four wheels touch the ground at the same time) for freestyle (slalom).
This can be done by reversing the asymmetric axles of the front and rear wheels.

  • The cuff is comfortable and yet offers a lot of support.
  • The laces are of the quick-fix type: they do not need to be tied; they are kept fixed with a Click Plus Velcro system.
  • The inline skates do not have a heel brake.
  • The system with which the frame is mounted on the boot is less standard: it works with horizontal screws instead of vertical ones. (It is the same mounting system as the Seba GTJ.)
This inline skate is very suitable for children, because it "grows" with the feet. Each inline skate includes four shoe sizes: with a click system you can easily adjust the size.

The wheel diameters are:
  • EU 29-32: 68 mm
  • EU 33-36: 72 mm
  • EU 37-40: 76 mm

Product specifications

black blue
rockerable CNC aluminium frame
same size as for a shoe
integrated liner
High Resistant Polypropylene
laces, 45° micro-buckle, top buckle
Micro and Seba GTJ mounting
Micro urban wheels 85A
kids, freeride/urban