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Micro Shaper

109.99 €
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The Micro Shaper inlineskate for kids is adjustable in size and is a good skate for those who want to discover inline skating.

The Micro Shaper inlineskate has some features that are useful for kids:
  • the skate weighs little.
  • an easy fastening system without laces so that the children do not need any help to put on the skate.
  • an easy fit.
  • Pretty design.
  • Comfortable and sits well on most children's feet.
  • The softshell is made of durable, ventilated material.
  • A detachable brake is on the right skate.
  • For children who are more advanced, the wheels might be bigger.
  • The frame is made of plastic and cannot be exchanged.
This inline skate is suitable for children, because it "grows" with the feet. Each inline skate includes four shoe sizes: a click system makes it easy to adjust the size.

The wheel diameters are:
  • EU 25-28: 58 mm
  • EU 29-32: 58 mm
  • EU 33-36: 70 mm
  • EU 37-40: 70 mm

Product specifications

red black
integrated polypropylene
same size as for a shoe
ankle velcro; top buckle
fixed frame
Micro Kids 80A