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Atlas 100

279.99 €
3 days

Looking for a high-performance inline hockey skate that will never let you down when the game is on the line? You found it. Say hello to the POWERSLIDE Reign Atlas 100. This performance-focused inline hockey skate is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, giving you excellent support and superior control during intense, fast-paced games. The Reign Atlas 100 boot is made to take the demanding conditions of high-speed, high-adrenaline inline hockey. With a Recall memory fit, high abrasion mesh lining the skate you get the comfort and durability that’s so crucial for serious hockey players. The POWERSLIDE Reign Atlas 100 incorporates the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting that sets a new standard for performance and customization. The TRINITY system provides a low center of gravity, improving stability and control. With the TRINITY system, you can also adjust the position of your frame to better suit your skating style. The speed and agility the 3-wheel Reign Atlas 100 gives you are nearly unmatched. Fitted perfectly with the TRINITY system and POWERSLIDE Elite frame, this combination of precision frame and groundbreaking mounting system provides excellent power transfer and control. Complimented perfectly with 3 high-quality Prime Lancea wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings, this is the skate you want when you’re up against the fiercest competitions. Beat your rivals and discover your true potential with the POWERSLIDE Reign Atlas 100.

Product specifications

Powerslide Elite
take one size larger than for a shoe
Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
Built in liner with Recall memory fit and antislip microfiber lining
MYFIT EVA Skate Sole
100 mm
Powerslide Lancea Grip
inline hockey
1330 g
Tool - hex 4mm