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Swell Firefly 125

309.99 €
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This is a bold new skate from Powerslide. First of all this is a softshell which means it does not have a removable liner. Furthermore it has a three-point frame fixing system, trademarked by Powerslide as Trinity. What this does is allow you to stand lower to the ground compared to the standard two-point system frame fixing. The 125mm wheels which come standard on this skate are the biggest on the market and are ideal for covering large distances. The closure system on this skate consist of waxed laces which are good for being able to tighten the skate a lot, a velcro strap which adds flexibility in the ankle and a ratchet buckle on the top which also allows you to tighten extra hard. The advantage of this skate are that due to the large wheels and the trinity system they are very good for fitness and making long trips. Another advantage is that there is virtually no gap between the wheels and therefore the frame is relatively short so it is a very agile skate. Another advantage is that there holes for the laces all the way to the top. In combination with the waxed laces and the Velcro buckle you will have no problem tightening this skate as much as you like which boosts your stability. A disadvantage is that it comes with big wheels so it is not a skate for those who want to do tricks. Another disadvantage is that the boot is in one piece and the only parts which are replaceable are the top buckle, the laces and the frame.

Product specifications

take one size larger than for a shoe
Powerslide Infinity 125 mm 83A
Wicked ABEC 9
speed/urban, fitness