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USD Aeon 80 Team

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The USD Aeon 80 is designed to perform the most difficult aggressive tricks while keeping high speeds.

The USD Aeon line is one of the best for aggressive inline skating. USD revolutionized the game by bringing out an inline skate where you can’t switch the frames in order to have a lower center of gravity, a lighter inline skate and more control. The stability and control with this skate due to the unibody concept gives it a big advantage compared to other skates. The biggest selling point for specifically the USD Aeon 80 though are the wheels. A 4 x 80mm wheel set up gives you the power to cruise at the same speeds as with a freeride inline skate AND do grinds at the same time with the built-in h-groove, soul and negative grind plates. This inline skate is recommended for those who are constantly being pulled between doing tricks and going fast. This skate combines the best of both and does as good a job as possible.

  • The 4 x 80mm wheel set up in combination with a decent h-groove and generous soul and negative plates is amazing for getting high speeds and doing grinds with the same pair of skates.
  • The unibody concept makes this skate extra light and stable.
  • The liner is very comfortable and also heatmouldable.
  • Not possible to switch the frames due to the unibody concept. However, USD gives you the option to buy the shell with the frame attached as a replacement part.
  • The big wheels and flat set up make it harder to learn aggressive inline skate tricks (especially for beginners).
  • The USD model USD Aeon 80 has the same concept and has somewhat better bearings and wheels.
Powerslide says this about the AEON 80: Another instant classic from USD: the AEON 80. The perfect hybrid of aggressive, freestyle and urban skating.
A simple concept that provides an exceptional function. The Aeon is a unibody skate, which means the boot, soulplate and frame is made of a one-piece construction. This results in less parts, lower weight and first and foremost a super low center of gravity with maximum energy transfer. This gives you the ultimate control over every trick you make, whether it's a jump, a grind or a slide. The Aeon 80 comes stock with a 4x80mm setup of Powerslide Spinner wheels and WCD ABEC 7 bearings. The skate is the perfect blend of aggressive and urban skating, 80mm wheels coupled with such generous grinding space is not available anywhere else. The skate also features a MYFIT Skinny Boy liner, a soft, yet supportive liner that can be heat moulded to your foot providing exceptional comfort from the very first use. It also comes as standard with a shock absorber, a MYFIT innersole and a 45° ratchet buckle that locks the heel in place to further increase your control of the skate. The two way ‘rockerable' cuff, mounted by each ankle, wraps around the foot for maximum sideways support on grinds and carves but still allowing great flex to the front for comfortable strides.

Product specifications

Aeon Unibody
same size as for a shoe
80 °C
MYFIT Skinny Boy Dual Fit Liner
Top buckle, 45° ratchet buckle, laces
Aeon unibody
80 mm
PS Spinner 88A
Wicked ABEC 7
aggressive, freeride/urban