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USD Aeon 60 Nick Lomax Pro

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Nick Lomax chose this inline skates colour because of his favourite beer he drank in Barcelona but it packs many more impressive features.

The USD Aeons are arguably the best flat setup aggressive inline skates on the market. That comes thanks to the unique concept of the Aeons – the unibody concept. The shell and frame are made from one piece and this allows for a bigger h-block with a flat setup. Additionally the centre of gravity is much lower because of this. Whereas UFS mounted frames need space for the mounting bolt, the Aeon one piece construction takes those away and the wheels are millimetres away from your feet. Because there are no bolts between the frame, the soul plate and the boot they also give a very stable feel.
To top it off they come with a closure system and liner which is expected from a quality model. The closure system includes a top buckle, a middle Velcro strap and separate laces for the lower and upper area to tighten each part to your desired preference. The MyFit 2nd Skin Dual Fit Liner is a very comfortable liner that is also heat mouldable in the oven to customise it to your feet.

  • The Aeon unibody concept: allows you to stand closer to the ground than with a normal UFS mount and has a lower weight by getting rid of all the hardware used to attach the frame and soulplate to the boot. The Aeon unibody concept means the frame and the shell are made from one-piece.
  • The separate top and bottom lacing allows you to really tighten them well. Additionally the lower laces are a bit waxed to get an even more snug fit.
  • The MyFit 2nd skin dual fit liners can be heat moulded and have a stretchable toe box.
  • Not possible to switch with other UFS frames.
  • The middle Velcro strap may wear out over time. It is easily replaceable though.
See what Powerslide’s owner Matthias Knol and pro rider Nick Lomax have to say about the skate:

Product specifications

Integrated Aeon frame
same size as for a shoe
80 °C
Lightweight one-piece glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP)
MyFit 2nd skin dual fit
Top buckle, middle velcro strap, lower and upper laces
USD Aeon Cuff
Aeon unibody concept (shell and frame are one-piece)
61 mm
Wicked ABEC 7
1540 g