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Powerslide XC Skeleton TRI

439.99 €
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The XC Skeleton TRI is intended for training in all seasons, in all terrains! With the guaranteed quality of Powerslide.

This is what Powerlide says about the product: 'At first glance the Powerslide XC Skeleton did not change, but if you take a closer look you will see that the skate now features the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting system. The skate is easier to handle because TRINITY offers more control, more balance and better power transfer. The base of the XC Skeleton can be adjusted to fit your own foot size, which guarantees best comfort for your off road skating tours. The sophisticated closing system is based on a large flap including ratchet buckles on top and at a 45-degree position as well as a ratchet buckle in the toe area to lock the foot in perfectly and provide great support. Safety is guaranteed with the cuff brake including an aluminum stamp. The new Trinity frame has a long wheelbase which ensures a smooth running performance. The 150mm tires and Wicked rustproof bearings complete this great off road skate package. The XC Skeleton is the perfect skate to explore new limits and enjoy nature at any time of the year.'

Product specifications

20.2" PS XC Discovery 2x150mm Trinity; Aluminium stamped
Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
Top and ankle ratchet buckle, toe ratchet buckle
150 mm
V-Mart air tire
Wicked Rustproof
Cuff brake