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Powerslide HC EVO Pro 90 2nd generation

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Even when three wheel skates were already mainstream, the freestylers stayed sticked to four wheels without any exception. This has changed somewhat with this freestyle inline skate of Powerslide, the HC EVO Pro 90.

As the name suggests, the designers chose three wheels of 90 mm as their ideal set-up for slalom tricks.

The Powerslide manufacturer writes some nice words about this skate, which we like to repeat although they are somewhat over the top for our European down-to-earth mentality:
"The Powerslide HC Evo 90, a top notch carbon skate, has become legendary over the past years. It's more than just a high performance freestyle skate. Skaters all over the world love this awesome skate for its great reactivity and agility but also unmatched comfort to have fun in the urban jungle. The skate is powered by state of the art components such as Nexus Rocker three wheel frames, Undercover wheels made in the USA and Wicked Twincam ILQ 9 Classic bearings. The HC Evo featuring the TRINITY 3-point mounting leaves some big foot prints no matter if you rock the freestyle competition or shredder the city."

The MYFIT shell is heat-moldable at 85 to 90°C during 25 to 30 min. See the video for the instructions.

Product specifications

PS Nexus rocker AI CNC
take one size larger than for a shoe
integrated liner
88 °C
laces; toe velcro; 45° micro-buckle; top micro-buckle
90 mm
freestyle/slalom, freeride/urban