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The Majestic 12’s is one of the most timeless aggressive inline skates that continues to be a must try for any aggressive inline skater out there.

The look and design of this inline skate has been the same for over 10 years. When it first came out this was the Lamborghini of inline skates. It was the pair which every pro rider had. Its timeless and durable design makes it a must to this day for any aggressive rider to try and a perfect skate for beginners. It has a good amount of space on the soul, h-block and negative to do grinds. It also comes with the UFS mounting standard which means you can switch the frames on it. The anti-rocker setup on this skate is also ideal for learning grinds.

  • This inline skate has been time tested by a lot of pro riders and has been around for years because it still continues to be so good.
  • Price, quality and specs wise this is a very good inline skate for beginners that are looking for their first pair.
  • The UFS frame mounting system allows you to switch frames.
  • The skate fits narrow so if you have wide feet try a size up.
  • The 58mm wheels and anti-rocker wheel setup make it ideal to learn tricks and grinds but less good if you want to commute between street spots.
  • There is no option for an ankle buckle and the cuff is also not (easily) removable

Product specifications

UFS glass fibre reinforced nylon
take one size larger than for a shoe
2+2 anti-rocker
High Grade Polyurethane HGPU
Anatomically padded with Slo-Memory foam
Top buckle and laces
58 mm
Roces 88A