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CCM Jetspeed FT460 SR D ice hockey skate

269.95 €
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The CCM Jetspeed FT460 SR D is a very good ice hockey skate.

The D in the name indicates that the ice skate is meant for feet of normal or narrow width.

The ice hockey skate
offers an optimal fit because the ankle area is padded for extra comfort.

The inner side is lined with HD microfibres with "durazone wear protection". This ensures high wear resistance, comfort and durability.

The tongue of the FT460 has 7mm felt and feels thick, which is good.

The ice blade can easily be replaced (e.g. for when it needs to be sharpened) by a simple and secure turn and click system.

CCM has a peculiar size chart. Be careful with that. They use their own size system.

E.g. EU 45,5 = US 11,5 = UK 10,5 = box-size 10.

If you would experience a pressure or pain point somewhere, then the ice skate can be heat molded. Beware, the box says 220°F; remember we use °C. 220°F = 105°C.

Product specifications

same size as for a shoe
105 °C
ice skates, inline hockey