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Seba E3 Premium Black Boot-only

100.00 €

The black Seba E3 Premium boot-only can be mounted on various inline skate frames.

If you happen to read this page while surfing, you might wonder why someone would buy a Seba E3 Premium boot-only when you can buy a full Seba E3 110 Premium Black skate for a little more money. There are arguments, which I'm sure you will know if you have consciously searched for this article. For example, if you have bought a niche frame, are looking for a matching boot for it and know that you will never use the frame and wheels of the Seba E3 Premium, then it certainly makes sense to consider a Seba E3 Premium boot-only. After all, that "a little more money" would be wasted otherwise.

Two mounting screws per boot are included.

  • This boot-only is compatible with most non-UFS two-screw mounted frames. (e.g. Seba, FR, Micro, Flying Eagle, Rollerblade.)
  • This is a comfortable boot.
  • The black boot fits aesthetically on everything.
  • A pain point for all boot-onlies is that the sum of the separate prices of boot-only and undercarriage is considerably higher than the price of one entire equivalent skate.
  • Frames are mounted on the boot with two normal screws and nuts, not with "7 holes energy plates" as the FR3 boot has. That's why it is not advised to combine this FRX boot with 125 mm wheel frames or SUV frames.
Experience has taught us that it is best to choose your usual shoe size, regardless of whether you have a wide or narrow foot.

Product specifications

take one size larger than for a shoe
laces; 45° micro-buckle; top-buckle
boot-only other