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2nd hand Seba High Light Carbon Pro boot-only

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2nd hand Seba High Light Carbon Pro inline skate boot-only size EU 40.

The reason of the promotion is of course because the inline skate boot has been used already by yours truly to be able to give size advice. After having tried them for a while, I now know that with my regular EU 40 I need either an EU 39 (still quite comfortable from the beginning) or an EU 38 (huge discomfort during the long break-in period).

So this pair of skates is interesting for you if you have a size EU 41 in regular shoes. (Or even a size EU 42 if you can stand the rather long painful break-in period, but that is advised only to the die-hard slalom inline skaters.)

This pair of inline skate boot-onlies has been used only during one week. Not more than 100 km has been riden with them and something like 4 slalom sessions has been done. They look quite new, but definitely used: you see pictures of the left as well as the righ skate from various angles. A big fall has not occurred, but you see some scratches because occasionally they have touched the ground, of course, during slalom sessions. Some scratches are caused not by contact with the ground, but because the skates touch each other during transport and use.

For the inside of the inline skates: the liners look really brand new and still smell as new.

(Although it is a 2nd hand pair of inline skate, the normal warranty period remains valid, because it has barely been used.)

More interested in a completely new inline skate boot-only of the same model? Then look at the Seba High Light Carbon Pro Boot-only. (But the colour of the laces is different. :-) )

Interested in this promotion but you want a complete skate with frames and wheels? Then send us a mail.

Product specifications

take one size less than for a shoe
integrated liner
Premium innersole
boot-only other, freestyle/slalom