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Rollerblade Microblade Adjustable inline skate

99.95 €
black red
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The Rollerblade Microblade is a quality adjustable inline skate for kids.

Using Rollerblade expertise, skates are adjustable four full sizes. An easy-to-use system works with the push of a button and markers in the toe area align the skates to the correct size.

Junior Fit support includes an engineered mesh for breathability and provides enhanced comfort.

A durable frame design lowers the center of gravity to improve stability, balance and control.

The frame has something special because it is suited for four wheels as well as for three wheels.
The inline skate is delivered with four wheels of 72 mm. It is possible to change the set-up later to three wheels of 80 mm (which are not included).

The buckle, power strap and lace closure system ensure a secure fit and a brake is standard.

The Rollerblade Microblade is a good choice for kids who start inline skating.

  • Four EU sizes adjustable.
  • It is a popular inline skates for kids because they often find that the skeeler fits well.
  • Good quality-price.
  • We don't like frames that are suited for two kinds of set-ups (4 x 72 mm versus 3 x 80 mm). It is like combining two drawbacks instead of two advantages.
  • The wheels are rather small for the bigger EU sizes. 4 x 76 mm or 4 x 80 mm would have been better.
Take one size larger than for a shoe, but not more!

Product specifications

black red
Monocoque, Lo-Bal composite
take one size larger than for a shoe
engineered mesh
Performance Junior
laces; 45° velcro; top buckle
72 mm
Rollerblade 80A