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FR Spin 80 2021

429.99 €
Delivered tomorrow

The FR Spin 2021 is a beautiful, affordable professional skate. With carbon fibre shell and integrated liner, it has amazing control and is perfect for slalom.

This skate is the perfect balance between affordability and top quality. The Spins have a low cuff, which gives you a lot of mobility in the ankles. Its rockerable, reasonably short frames make it perfect for switching between cruising and slalom. The carbon fibre shell make it extremely reactive to your feet and make your feet feel like the are grabbed by the skate, even when loosening the buckles and laces, the skate will hold on to your ankle.

- Carbon fibre shell with integrated liner
- Low cuff for extreme mobility in the ankles
- Affordable (relatively, for professional skates)
- Rockerable frame

- Low cuff, less ankle support, not recommended for beginners
- Specifically good for slalom, lack of ankle support makes it hard to cover large distances.

Sizing guide:
As with all FR skates, we recommend to take your own shoesize unless you have particularly wide feet, then take one size up.

Product specifications

FR R2 Rockerable
take one size smaller than for a shoe
integrated liner
Carbon Fiber
Laces, 45° ratchet buckle, top ratchet buckle
Low cuff, adjustable
2-point 165mm / 2-point 195mm
80 mm
FR Downtown
freeride/urban, freestyle/slalom
1439 g
8 mm
FR Tool