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FR SL Carbon 80

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This FR SL Carbon 80 has a full carbon boot and is equipped with a 243 mm flat frame of carbon. It distinguishes itself from other carbon skates such as the Trix and High Light Carbon because the cuff is also made of carbon. The FR SL Carbon 80 skate is also equipped with the MPC Freestyle dual urethane wheels, with a great grip, speed, and stability. This boot, this frame and these wheels are of course ideal for freestyle. Among other things the frame offers great stiffness and reactivity.
It is the preferred skate of the champions because they can perform all their tricks with the best precision.
The etymology of "SL" is unclear, but rumour has it that it is the abbreviation of SLiding Tiger.

Product specifications

FR CARBON Flat Frames
take one size less than for a shoe
80 mm
MPC Freestyle Wheels X-Firm
FR Twincam ILQ9 Pro