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FR Spin 310

439.99 €
2 days

FR SPIN 310: This 3x110mm version is a fun and sporty Urban Speed skate, very light, to go fast through the city and have great sensations along the way.

The FR Spin 310 skates are high quality products, made with Carbon and Fiber glass, at an affordable price.

Many skaters call the FR Spin 310 a professional inline skate for the price of a regular freeride skate.
Of course, to keep the price down, the manufacturer had to make some concessions on some components, but they are quite OK:
- few remarks about the boot can be made: perhaps that the cuff is not made of carbon (but of high quality plastic).
- more concessions have been made on the frame, wheels and bearings : instead of taking the highest quality like with the FR SL Carbon 310 or the highest freeride quality like with the FR1 80 Deluxe Intuition, the frame, wheels and bearings are those of the FR2 310. This is not professional quality, but still good quality.

Sizing guide:
it may sound strange, but if you will be practising mainly slalom with the FR Spin inline skate, it is best to take one EU size less than for a normal shoe. Indeed, less .
You will be able to skate painlessly after the first break-in period of about 5 hours, but the second-skin feel only comes after a longer break-in.
If you are not interested in slaloming around cones on one wheel, there is no need for the inline skate to be as a second skin around your foot and you can save yourself the discomfort of the break-in period by just taking your normal shoe size.

Product specifications

FR - R2 310 FRAMES - BLACK - 246mm
for slalom take one size less than for a shoe, for other disciplines take the same size
integrated liner
110 mm
FR Downtown Wheel 85A
freeride/urban, freestyle/slalom