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Seba High Light

379.95 €
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The Seba High Light is one of the slalom inline skates in the High range with which the Seba company became famous in the early days.

The Seba High (Light) is specially designed for slalom inline skating.

Besides the laces there are two buckles (at the ankle and in the middle) and then there is also a velcro at the toes. This allows you to tighten the inline skate as much or as little as you like. For example, if you want to do a wheelie (tricks while only one of the eight wheels touches the ground), you can tighten the inline skate super hard.

The Seba High Light has a flat, non-rockered Deluxe frame that is very rigid and durable. The stiffness ensures that the inline skate does perfectly what your feet "command".

Take one size smaller than for a shoe. You will not have any "length issues" and the skate will fit better. It's true that there will be a break-in period during which you will experience some pain at the feet, but it is worth it. If you choose your regular shoe size, the skate will be a little too loose probably.

Product specifications

Seba DELUXE V.2 243mm
take one size less than for a shoe
integrated liner
laces; toe velcro; 45° micro-buckle; top buckle
80 mm
Seba Black 85A
Twincam ILQ9 Pro
freestyle/slalom, freeride/urban